CECO Summit

Ethics & Executive Compensation

January 19, 2016
Washington, D.C.

The CECO Summit is an exclusive annual opportunity for discourse and development among select corporate ethics and compliance executives in regard to relevant and timely topics. Limited in size to facilitate informal and candid dialogue, the summit will include one or two subject matter experts who will lend their knowledge to the discussion and assist the CECOs in teasing out ethical issues pertinent to their organization ethics and compliance programs, along with the profession as appropriate. The topic, Ethics & Executive Compensation, will allow CECOs from leading organizations to consider the ethics of executive compensation in a peer setting under the protection of Chatham House Rules. In addition, the session will offer participants the opportunity for executive development in regard to negotiating a compensation package. We hope you will join us for this exclusive peer-to-peer event for top ethics executives.

The CECO Summit is member benefit for Senior and Leadership Fellows only. Click here to learn more or email community@ethics.org.

For more information, email moira@ethics.org.

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