Benchmarking and Assessment Services

As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and to continual exploration into best practices, the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the research arm of ECI, works with clients to implement applied research projects in their organizations. In so doing, ECI adds to its database while providing timely, critical insights for our clients.

ECI draws upon its expertise in survey methodology and its unparalleled metrics and benchmarks to provide clients with a relevant, reliable assessment of

  • The effectiveness of their ethics and compliance program,
  • The strength of their ethics culture and
  • Their level of ethics and compliance risk

Why implement an ethics and compliance survey?

Time and again, ECI research, including NBES® has shown that managers have "rosier" perceptions about workplace ethics and generally more positive ethics and compliance-related experiences than other employees. In order to truly understand what is happening in their organizations, leaders must invest time and resources to understand the perceptions, beliefs and experiences of employees at all levels.  

Why choose ECI?

There are many data-collection options for organizations that want to understand their ethics and compliance risk. ECI is the most respected organization in the area of ethics program assessment because we have compiled the most advanced measurement instruments and data sets for benchmarking. ECI's leadership in the field of ethics and compliance research as well as its extensive client experiences makes it the premier choice to conduct your ethics and compliance risk assessment.

Our surveys are used to establish an organizational baseline to measure change over time; to benchmark against relevant ECI measures, providing a context for current performance; and to help organizations identify areas of strength, vulnerability, and opportunity.

How does it work?

ECI offers a customized approach to survey assessments, measuring organizational culture and environmental factors which either support organization policy and values or create ethics and compliance risk. ECI works closely with clients to understand and clarify survey objectives in order to design and implement the survey which will meet those goals. 

ECI has developed a streamlined survey implementation process designed to minimize cost while maximizing efficiency, reliability and relevance. ECI's goal is to make quantitative measurement easy, affordable and worthwhile for corporate clients.

Each ECI survey project offers:

  • ECI oversight of survey implementation, analysis and reporting; providing a project manager and one-on-one relationship with our senior researchers. 
  • ECI-managed Help Desk so that your employees feel confident they can ask questions and report problems without risking being identified by management. 
  • Secure data management. 
  • Paper and internet-based survey implementation options, along with execution of surveys on a global basis in multiple languages.
  • Formal report of overall survey findings.
  • The opportunity to advance the body of knowledge available to business, academia and the public at large regarding ethics in the global workplace by contributing to ECI's database (per client permission only).

After fielding the survey, ECI analyzes the data to identify actionable key findings and develop a report for leadership. ECI is creating an online portal that provides real-time information and data query tools that will enable customized analysis to corporate clients, along with the capability to generate community-specific benchmarks.

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Short Survey™

The ECI Short Survey™ is a standardized 10-question survey, based on metrics that ECI’s research has shown to be key indicators of ethics and compliance program effectiveness and ethics and compliance risk. Organizations who implement the ECI Short Survey™ receive a report of findings, featuring analysis, insights and recommendations based on ECI's years of research and trend analysis. The ECI Short Survey™ can be fielded using ECI’s online survey tool or organizations can opt to include the questions in existing surveys (e.g., annual HR surveys).

Use of ECI’s Short Survey™ is an included benefit of ECI membership and is available for use by non-members for a fee.

Content provided by the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the research arm of ECI.