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ECI presents monthly webcasts highlighting the organization’s industry-leading research on current and emerging E&C issues. These popular webcasts are made available by the generous support of ECI research sponsors, and are offered free of charge to ECI members and the general public. For more information, email


Measuring Risk and Promoting Workplace Integrity: ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey™

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 2pm

WHAT: In the interlocking global economy of the 21st century, businesses, policymakers, investors, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders require a full picture of ethics in workplaces in a wider range of markets. Drawing upon responses from thousands of employees in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, ECI's Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), the global expansion of the National Business Ethics Survey®, offers insight into workplace ethics in both public and private sector organizations. This webcast will provide critical information about:

  • State of workplace integrity in GBES countries, including data on pressure to compromise standards, observed misconduct, reporting and retaliation;
  • Organizational factors that are linked to increased risk of misconduct;
  • Global "hot spots" where ethics and compliance risk outpaces other nations; and
  • The nature of retaliation against reporters and how best to use organizational resources to protect potential victims.

WHO: Open to everyone.


  • Mara Lindokken is a researcher specializing in ECI’s culture surveys and global research projects. In her role as Assistant Director, Research for ECI, Ms. Lindokken contributes to the Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), National Business Ethics Survey (NBES®) and other member-driven research projects. Ms. Lindokken joined ECI as a data analyst in 2011.
  • Zoe Eng is a researcher and project manager, specializing in ECI’s culture surveys and benchmarking assessments. In her role as part of the research and benchmarking team, Ms. Eng contributes to the Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), National Business Ethics Survey (NBES®) studies and projects measuring the effectiveness of ethics programs and culture to establish industry and company benchmarks. Ms. Eng joined ECI in 2014 as a data analyst.

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