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Anti-Fraud Collaboration encourages reporting on financial misconduct
November 16, 2017, Accounting Today | The report cites a recent survey from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative that found 22 percent of global workers reported pressure to compromise their standards.

The FCPA Guidance Turns 5
November 14, 2017, The FCPA Professor | Five years ago today, on November 14, 2012, the DOJ and SEC released the FCPA Guidance. The guidance generated a substantial amount of buzz, but the festive coverage soon subsidized as the guidance turned 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5 years old.

ECI Best Practices Forum – Fall 2017 – Day 1
November 2, 2017, The Ethical Leader | Yan Tougas shares his meeting notes from the first day of ECI's 2017 Fall Best Practices Forum.

An Ethics Expert on How Hollywood Can Fight Toxic Work Culture
October 26, 2017, Guest Column by ECI CEO, Pat Harned, Variety Magazine |  I have always been a movie buff. Action/adventure, romcom, thriller, drama…I cannot think of a single instance where I did not enjoy the moviegoing experience. Even when the film was terrible.

Certainty in uncertain times
November 2017, Financier Worldwide Magazine | Every change in leadership brings uncertainty. How will the new boss lead? What will be most important?

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Emmanuel Lulin 

September 26th is National Compliance Officer Day. For the next few weeks, ECI will be highlighting a number of our members in celebration of their contribution to our industry.

A conversation with Emmanuel Lulin and David Childers, Senior Vice President, ECI.

David Childers: Emmanuel, you lead the compliance efforts for a global brand. How did your interest in ethics and compliance as a career develop?

Emmanuel Lulin: My interest in ethics and compliance is long-standing and developed over time. Already as a child, I felt ...

View conversation with Emmanuel.

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