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ECI Fellows Meeting – Day 1
January 11, 2018, The Ethical Leader | The ECI Fellows are currently meeting to discuss root cause analysis (RCA) and how to apply it in the E&C function. Here are some of my notes from Day 1...

How to make it easier for women to report sexual harassment
January 3, 2018,  Quartz At Work | In December of 2002, Time featured three women whistleblowers on the cover of its “person of the year” issue, noting that in “a year when our trust in American institutions was tested, Sherron Watkins of Enron, Coleen Rowley of the FBI and Cynthia Cooper of WorldCom found the strength to stand for what’s right.”

Waiting on watchdogs
December 20, 2017, Bloomberg Government | The confirmation hearings of presidential appointees have been front page news of late, mostly because of the foibles of some of the nominees. Without question, the task of filling positions after a Presidential transition is a daunting task. The Trump Administration has more than 4000 posts to fill; 1200 of which require Senate confirmation. To date, 496 nominations have been made; just over half (261) have been confirmed.

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Emmanuel Lulin 

September 26th is National Compliance Officer Day. For the next few weeks, ECI will be highlighting a number of our members in celebration of their contribution to our industry.

A conversation with Emmanuel Lulin and David Childers, Senior Vice President, ECI.

David Childers: Emmanuel, you lead the compliance efforts for a global brand. How did your interest in ethics and compliance as a career develop?

Emmanuel Lulin: My interest in ethics and compliance is long-standing and developed over time. Already as a child, I felt ...

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