National Business Ethics Survey®

Content provided by the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the research arm of ECI.

ECI's National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®) generates the U.S. benchmark on ethical behavior in corporations. Findings represent the views of the American workforce in the private sector. Since 1994, the NBES and its supplemental reports have provided business leaders a snapshot of trends in workplace ethics and an identification of the drivers that improve ethical workforce behavior. With every report, ECI researchers identify specific strategies, including program elements and management behaviors, which effectively promote ethics and integrity in the workplace.

NBES gives practitioners’ insight into:

  • The state of ethics & compliance in organizations, including rates of observed misconduct, reporting and retaliation against reporters.
  • Factors (e.g., ethics and compliance program elements and implementation, management behaviors and organizational policies) that contribute to improved workplace ethics and compliance.
  • Timely issues of interest to business leaders, such as the impact of the recession (2009), and the impact of social networking (2011) and the role of senior leaders in shaping employee attitudes (2013). 
Finally, ECI uses data gathered as part of NBES for supplementary research to provide in-depth exploration of topics that matter to ethics and compliance practitioners and other business leaders. Supplementary NBES reports have addressed the role of ethics culture, employee reporting, retaliation against whistleblowers and generational differences in the workplace. All NBES research is available to ECI members in the ECI Online Resource Center.

Support Future Research 

NBES research is only possible because of contributions from generous donors from the public and private sectors. For more information about how to contribute and help keep this vital research initiative alive, email Holli Redekop at, or call 571-480-4416.