Workplace Misconduct and Reporting: A Global Look

The reporting of observed misconduct and the rates at which retaliation occur are among the most fundamental indicators of the state of integrity in the workplace and the overall health of an organization’s culture. Organizations with strong ethics cultures empower their employees to report misconduct and make it clear that retaliation against reporters is never tolerated. In order to assess the state of ethics cultures around the world, the 2019 GBES examined six specific

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The Impact of Organizational Values and Ethical Leadership on Misconduct: A Global Look

Our latest Global Business Ethics Survey focuses on the effect that organizational values and ethical leadership have on an organization. We know that culture is a critical component in every organization. Employees in organizations with a strong ethics culture know what type of behavior is expected as well as what type of behavior is unacceptable. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations that wish to develop a strong organizational culture focus on reinforcing a wide array

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Global Differences in Employees Views of E&C Program Maturity

As part of our 2018 Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) research, ECI explored the impact of ethics & compliance program quality on employee perceptions and behavior. Specifically, we asked U.S. employees about the presence of E&C program practices in their workplace.  We also inquired about the level of quality of those efforts, based on a framework developed by an independent Blue Ribbon Panel. Finally, we examined the impact of E&C programs, based on their level

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Building Companies Where Values and Ethical Conduct Matter

Few would argue about the importance of communication and trust in the workplace; these are well-known ingredients for harmonious working relationships and a productive working environment. But less is known about the reasons that communication and trust are so essential – especially within the ethics & compliance (E&C) space. To remedy this, the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) asked several targeted questions in its most recent Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES®). ECI sought to learn

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Interpersonal Misconduct in the Workplace

A decade ago, companies made headlines for problems such as bribery, financial manipulation, and fraud. The attention has shifted, though. For the past year, mistreatment of employees, especially abusive behavior, sexual harassment and discrimination, has joined data privacy as a critical issue of our time. #MeToo and #TimesUp have given a name to the larger effort to unearth problems that have festered and to find a path towards safer more respectful workplaces. Efforts to expose

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Measuring Risk and Promoting Workplace Integrity

First of a kind studyThe Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES®) is a rigorous, multi-country inquiry into worker conduct and workplace integrity, providing insight into workplace ethics in both public and private sector organizations. GBES is the global expansion of the National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®), the most comprehensive survey of employees in US workplaces. Just as NBES illuminated our understanding of workplace ethics in the United States, GBES fills a void in our knowledge of workplaces

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Measuring the Impact of Ethics and Compliance Programs

Corporations have historically organized their ethics and compliance (E&C) programs around a priority to align with legal and regulatory expectations. Yet increasingly, organizations are going above and beyond historic regulatory risk mitigation and are employing program refinements based on ECI’s 5 Principles of High-Quality Ethics & Compliance Programs (HQPs). With more and more organizations committing to higher quality programs, it begs the question: Does it make a difference when a company dedicates more resources and

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Whistleblowers Are Our Conscience

Last week, a whistleblower raised allegations of Presidential misconduct and drove Congress to impeachment proceedings. Labeled a traitor by some and a hero by many, the truth is that in many ways, whistleblowers serve as our conscience; these individuals raise concerns that they believe others should know about. But what motivates one to report to an entity outside their organization when they see misconduct? The 2018 Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), Measuring the Impact of Ethics

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Anita Hill Led Hollywood Commission Hires ECI

The Anita Hill-led Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality hires ECI to conduct a survey in October of entertainment industry workers. This report will be used to create strategic initiatives being developed to address the twin issues of harassment and bias. Find out more at

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Brian Benczkowski, Pat Harned IMPACT2019 Q&A

At this year's IMPACT conference, ECI was honored to be joined by the Honorable Brian Benczkowski, Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice Criminal Division. Benczkowski delivered a keynote address where he announced the release of an updated DoJ guidance that affects how the Department analyzes organizations' ethics & compliance programs. After delivering his remarks, Benczkowski sat down with ECI CEO Pat Harned for a one-on-one interview where he discussed the DoJ's policies on

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