[VIDEO] Anita Hill urges workers in Hollywood and entertainment to take Hollywood Survey developed by ECI.

UPDATE [2/26/20]: The survey has now concluded. Thank you for your participation. In a new video Anita Hill urges those in the entertainment industry to take the Hollywood Survey. The survey was developed by ECI for the Hollywood Commission. Click here to participate in the Hollywood Survey or forward the survey to someone in the industry.

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Anita Hill Led Hollywood Commission Hires ECI

The Anita Hill-led Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality hires ECI to conduct a survey in October of entertainment industry workers. This report will be used to create strategic initiatives being developed to address the twin issues of harassment and bias. Find out more at Deadline.com

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Bad Actors and #MeToo

As you’ve no doubt read in the headlines this past week, the ousting of Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves is yet another example in the long list of high-profile executives reportedly using power, authority and intimidation to commit unsavory and egregious acts against their employees.  According to a recent Forbes article the tally is up to 701 individuals who have been held accountable for their actions. Moonves is accused by 13 women of sexual misconduct

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