Carol R. Marshall Award for Innovation in Corporate Ethics

In January 2010, ECI established an award to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of a business executive in the ethics and compliance field. The award is funded by the Northrop Grumman Corporation and honors the late Carol R. Marshall, ERC’s former Fellows Program chair and member of the ERC board of directors. Marshall was known for her innovative approach to implementing an ethics and compliance program and for many hours of dedicated service to nonprofit organizations in the industry. ECI wishes to commemorate her accomplishments by recognizing the achievements of those who follow in her footsteps.


The Marshall Award is given annually to an individual who:

  • Serves (or who has served) as Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer or the equivalent in a business or government organization and is currently employed within that organization.
  • Demonstrates (or has demonstrated) innovation in: 
    • Establishing an ethics and compliance program;
    • Building on an existing program; and/or
    • Advancing the ethics and compliance field.
  • Provides a role model for emerging leaders in ethics and compliance.
  • 2018 - Melissa Stapleton Barnes, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Eli Lilly and Company
  • 2017 - Carrie Penman, Chief Compliance Officer and SVP Advisory Services, NAVEX Global
  • 2016 - Raphael Richmond, Global Director of Compliance, Ford Motor Company
  • 2015 - Emmanuel Lulin, Senior Vice-President & Chief Ethics Officer, L'Oréal
  • 2014 - Nancy Higgins, Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Bechtel
  • 2013 - John Lenzi, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Chief Ethics Officer, ITT Corporation
  • 2012 - Kathleen Edmond, Chief Ethics Officer, Best Buy
  • 2011 - Patricia Ellis, Vice President, Business Ethics & Compliance, Raytheon Company

Stanley C. Pace Leadership in Ethics Award

In 1999, ECI launched the Stanley C. Pace Ethics and Leadership Award, thanks to a contribution from General Dynamics. The award honors an individual, or group of individuals, recognized as having unwavering integrity and having demonstrated moral vision and the ability to translate that vision into specific goals.

The award is intended to focus global attention to the increasingly critical role of ethics in the conduct of our lives and work, raising issues that help businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and governmental agencies find practical solutions to today’s ethical problems. Recipient(s) represent the corporate, non-profit, academic and governmental sectors.

The following criteria will be applied for this award. The nominee should have:

  • Demonstrated moral vision and the ability to translate vision into specific goals. In ethics, as in other matters, leadership is more than just good management. The recipient should be a person or group of individuals whose moral concern and imagination have led their organization to innovative expressions of organizational responsibility.
  • Shown evidence of moral courage in dealing with issues internal and external to the organization and in setting and achieving higher standards of ethical conduct within the organization. Ethical decision making involves the resolution, on a principled basis, of conflicting obligations, rights or values. The nature of the conflicts requires that a leader show courage and wisdom.
  • Led a successful turnaround of an organization with previous poor credibility and public image, or led an organization for a long period while maintaining a healthy ethical climate and positive reputation. While a leader's role in transforming an organization's culture and reputation for ethics can provide an excellent model for others, it is often just as difficult to maintain a good ethical climate over time.
  • 2013 - Howard Schultz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • 2012 (award was not presented)
  • 2011 - Patricia Ellis, Vice President for Business Ethics and Compliance, Raytheon Company
  • 2010 - Louis Chênevert, Chairman and CEO, United Technologies Corporation
  • 2009 - Carol Marshall, former Vice President of Ethics & Business Conduct, Lockheed Martin
  • 2008 - Jean Paul Agon, CEO, L’Oreal
  • 2007 - The Honorable Stephen Potts, Associate Counsel to the President of the United States
  • 2006 - Charles Bowsher, former Chairman of the Public Oversight Board and former Comptroller General of the United States
  • 2005 - Aaron Feuerstein, Retired Chairman, President and CEO, Malden Mills
  • 2004 - Norman R. Augustine, Retired Chairman, Lockheed Martin
  • 2003 - John E. Pepper, Retired Chairman and CEO, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • 2002 - Ira A. Lipman, CEO, Guardsmark, LLC
  • 2001 - Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former CEO, Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies
  • 2000 - The first Pace Award was given to the five founders of Transparency International.


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