Content provided by the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the research arm of ECI.


The Five Principles of a High Quality Ethics & Compliance Program

  1. Ethics and compliance is central to business strategy.
  2. Ethics and compliance risks are identified, owned, managed and mitigated.
  3. Leaders at all levels across the organization build and sustain a culture of integrity.
  4. The organization encourages, protects, and values the reporting of concerns and suspected wrongdoing.
  5. The organization takes action and holds itself accountable when wrongdoing occurs.

Embracing these principles as our own operational standard, ECI provides organizations with tools and benchmarking services that enable them to assess the relative strength of their culture and program, identify areas for attention and stay abreast of new developments and best practices.


ECI is the leading provider of independent research about workplace integrity, ethical standards, and compliance processes and practices in public and private institutions. In our work, we analyze current and emerging issues, establish benchmarks, generate new approaches to challenges and guide organizations’ ethics and compliance efforts.

Our research includes the long-standing National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES) of workplace conduct in the United States and the more recent Global Business Ethics Survey® (GBES) of workplaces in leading world economies.

NBES Research

The U.S. benchmark on ethical behavior in corporations. Since 1994, the NBES and its supplemental reports have provided business leaders a snapshot of trends in workplace ethics and an identification of the drivers that improve ethical workforce behavior. Learn more...

2013 NBES

GBES Research

A rigorous, multi-country inquiry into worker conduct and workplace integrity, providing insight into workplace ethics in both public and private sector organizations. GBES is the global expansion of the National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®). Learn more...


Consulting Services

Our expertise in survey methodology, our unparalleled metrics and benchmarks provide clients with a relevant, reliable assessment of employees’ views on the effectiveness of their E&C program; the strength of their ethics culture; and their level of E&C risk. Learn more...

Benchmarking Services