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ECI presents monthly webcasts highlighting the organization’s industry-leading research on current and emerging E&C issues. These popular webcasts are made available by the generous support of ECI research sponsors, and are offered free of charge to ECI members and the general public. For more information, email

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Bullying in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Ethics & Compliance Overview

Thursday, October 18, 2018
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

ECI and ECI Platinum Integrity Leader Sponsor SAI Global are collaborating to host an hour-long webinar focused on preventing bullying in the workplace and embracing respect in the workplace. It’s important for organizations around the world to recognize that bullying can occur in their offices and meetings, not just in schools, and for ethics, compliance, and risk professionals, bullying in the workplace and other forms of power abuse can ruin the lives of those affected, and have a negative impact on culture, reputation, retention, and performance.

This webinar will feature Ellen Cobb, (author of Workplace Bullying and Harassment: New Developments in International Law and Senior Regulatory and Legal Analyst at The Isosceles Group), Kim Yapchai (Chief Compliance Officer at Tenneco), and Eric Morehead (Founder of Morehead Compliance Consulting). Over the hour, we’ll cover the basics of bullying in the workplace and cultures that can enable it, the global legal and regulatory landscape on this topic, horizontal and vertical workplace bullying, how bullying can manifest itself in an organization, the consequences and damages of workplace bullying, and actionable prevention tactics you can help to start recognizing and stopping bullying in your office. We’ll also answer questions from our audience.

Rebel Talent: Breaking the Rules to Advance Ethics & Compliance Programs and Practices
August 16, 2o18

Harvard Professor and ECI Academic Fellow, Dr. Francesca Gino, shared insights from her latest work, Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life.  Consider why some of the most successful among us question “the way things have always been done” and how rebellion brings joy and meaning into our lives and can be an asset to our relationships at and away from work.

Using a Risk Assessment to Build an Effective Compliance Program
December 7, 2017

A risk assessment is the starting point for creating a program that successfully addresses bribery and corruption. This session explores the components of a risk assessment and shows how Helsinn Pharmaceuticals used its risk assessment to launch a world class compliance program. By mapping its risks, they were able to build their code of conduct, policies and compliance training to address each specific risk the company is likely to face. Download the webcast slides. View webcast recording.

Building Ethics and Compliance Accountability Across Company Leadership
November 8, 2017

In this moderated discussion, we explored the strategies—and challenges—of developing accountability across company ranks and integrating this strategy into your program. Real world examples will bring this topic to life, as LRN’s Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames probes panelists Stacey J. Hanna, General Counsel of global pharma and bio tech firm Lonza, and Mark Snyderman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Assistant General Counsel at Laureate Education, the world’s network of higher education institutions, for their experience and insights. Download the webcast slidesView webcast recording.

New Behavioral Science Tools: Ethical Systems’ Survey, eBook, and Research
September 27, 3017

ll about ethics, research, and culture. This webcast featured Azish Filabi (Executive Director of Ethical Systems) and Jeffrey Kaplan (Partner at Kaplan & Walker, LLP) discussing “Head to Head,” their new, free eBook for the ethics and compliance field, a tool for measuring culture in organizations, navigating the Ethical Systems website and more.

Download the webcast slidesView webcast recording. Download the ebook: Head to Head: A conversation on behavioral science and ethics

Compliance 3.0: Extract Advanced Behavioral Data from Compliance Training
August 1, 2017

Neha Gupta (True Office Learning) discussed how interactive e-learning and compliance analytics are changing the way companies review, quantify, and think about their compliance training investments. See how True Office Learning’s Pulse solution can:

  • Deliver an adaptive, engaging training experience for employees
  • Produce unmatched behavior analytics and insights through an interactive dashboard
  • Demonstrate training effectiveness to executives, boards, and regulators

Download the webcast slidesView webcast recording.

Engaging Millennials to Protect Your Brand Integrity
July 20, 2017

We are in the midst of a societal shift. Generation Z and Millennials are entering our workforce and becoming leaders. This younger demographic is not only the most ethically conscious in society, but the readiest to act. And they have the tools to do so. The proliferation of always-on social media and anywhere access via smartphones means the ethics bar is raised. On this webinar learn how you can effectively engage Millennials and how they can be recruited to help protect your brand. The panel of subject matter experts covered lessons learned, best practices and new technologies, including the launch of SMS intake for Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager. Panelist organizations include ECI, Under Armour and Convercent.

Download the webcast slidesView webcast recording.

ECI’s Independent Monitors Benchmarking Group Webcast
March 23, 2017

During this webcast Eric Feldman (Affiliated Monitors, Inc.) and Michael Kallens (Nasdaq) shared insights and previewed the upcoming report from ECI’s Independent Monitor Benchmarking Group. Learn best practices for selecting and agreeing to terms with a Monitor as well as:

  • how to most effectively manage the Monitor engagement;
  • maximize value to your company; and
  • how to transition out of the Monitor relationship.

Download the webcast slidesView webcast recording.

Ethics & Compliance Risk in the Supply Chain
December 15, 2016

Supply chain risks have grown exponentially in the global economy – and often overlooked is the risk that employees themselves present. ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES™) data provides a snapshot of who supply chain employees are, and what they experience in their workplaces.

This one hour session unveiled ECI’s latest research report, Ethics & Compliance Risk In the Supply Chain. The findings presented will arm professionals with a clearer picture of the current heightened business risk, how E&C breakdowns could damage an organization’s reputation and create legal consequences and what they should be doing within their own E&C programs to mitigate these downstream risks. Download webcast slidesDownload report.

How to Conduct Effective Risk Assessment and Why it Matters
November 15, 2016

This event was co-hosted with Convercent. It’s becoming more and more important by the minute to run a high-quality business in today’s challenging market landscape. From globalization intricacies to workplace nuances, it’s imperative a compliance executive and their teams have an integrated approach to improve your organization’s ability to identify and address risk on a sustainable and effective basis. In this one-hour session, you will learn an integrated approach to effective risk management and to identify and mitigate potential risks that could be threatening your organization and weakening your compliance program. View webcast recording. View webcast slidesDownload e-book from Convercent

Conflicts of Interest Webcast
October 19, 2016

Conflicts of Interest are among the thorniest issues that organizations and ethics and compliance professionals face. Jeffrey Kaplan and Mark Snyderman, co-chairs of ECI’s Conflicts of Interest Benchmarking Group, share best practices on defining, preventing, identifying and dealing with conflicts of interest. This webcast highlights key insights from the Conflicts of Interest Benchmarking Group report and offer a chance for Q&A with the presenters. View webcast slides.  Download report.

ECI High Quality E&C Program Self-Assessment Tool Webcast
September 29, 2016

ECI’s High Quality Ethics & Compliance Program (HQP) Self-Assessment Tool is designed to help organizations thoughtfully evaluate the quality of their current ethics and compliance (E&C) efforts. It allows organizations evaluate their E&C program based on the ECI HQP standard; including program design and implementation, priorities, and allocation of resources. Organizations receive a post-assessment which gives them comparisons to peers, as well as the tools and resources needed to develop action plans and communicate findings with their Board and senior leaders. The report also contains practical guidance regarding areas that may require further attention. View webcast slides.

ECI Member Orientation
September 21, 2016

Are you new to ECI membership or a long-time member who wants to see what has changed about your membership lately? Join us to hear about all the benefits of ECI membership. You will see an overview of the website and hear about upcoming community events, research projects and certification opportunities. Ronnie Kann, EVP for Research and Program Development, and Cathy Hooper, Membership Development Manager, will bring you up to speed on ECI’s current and upcoming activities.  View webcast slides.

Measuring Risk and Promoting Workplace Integrity: ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey™
June 8, 2016

In the interlocking global economy of the 21st century, businesses, policymakers, investors, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders require a full picture of ethics in workplaces in a wider range of markets. Drawing upon responses from thousands of employees in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), the global expansion of the National Business Ethics Survey®, offers insight into workplace ethics in both public and private sector organizations. This webcast will provide critical information about:

  • State of workplace integrity in GBES countries, including data on pressure to compromise standards, observed misconduct, reporting and retaliation;

  • Organizational factors that are linked to increased risk of misconduct;

  • Global “hot spots” where ethics and compliance risk outpaces other nations; and

  • The nature of retaliation against reporters and how best to use organizational resources to protect potential victims.

Men, Women and Ethical Leadership: Gender’s Influence on Tone at the Top
February 25, 2016
Presented by:
Nichole Brooks, Researcher and Project Manager, ECI
Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher, ECI

Collective Identity: Ethics and Self-Identifications
September 30, 2015
Presented by:
Mike Kallens, Associate General Counsel and Manager of Corporate Ethics and Compliance, Booz Allen Hamilton
Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher, ECI

Encouraging Employee Reporting Through Procedural Justice
September 9, 2015
Presented by:
Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher, ECI
Ronnie Kann, Executive Vice President, Research and Program Development

Generational Differences in Workplace Ethics: Insights from the NBES® 2013
July 30, 2015
Presented by:
Nichole Brooks, Researcher & Project Manager, ECI
Zoe Eng, Data Analyst, ECI

New Strategies for Protecting Workplace Reporting and Decreasing Retaliation
June 25, 2015
Presented by:
Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher, ECI
Nichole Brooks, Researcher & Project Manager, ECI

Learning the Hard Way: Lessons from Recent DPAs, NPAs, & Consent Agreements
May 28, 2015
Presented by:
Michael Diamant, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Peter Jaffe, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, The AES Company

Designing A Next Generation Code of Conduct
April 21, 2015
Presented by:
Julie Moriarty, General Manager, Training & Communications Strategy, The Network
Jimmy Lin, GRCP, VP of Product Management & Corporate Development, The Network

The State of Ethics in Large Companies: New Findings from ERC’s National Business Ethics Survey®
March 31, 2015
Presented by:
Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher, ECI
Nichole Brooks, Researcher & Project Manager, ECI

Tone Deaf or Perfect Pitch? How to Educate Boards & C-Suite to Sing Along
February 18, 2015
Presented by:
Ellen Hunt, Director, Ethics & Compliance, AARP
Scott Killingsworth, Partner, Bryan Cave LLP

Data Breach Management and Strategies: Role of the Ethics & Compliance Officer
January 21, 2015
Presented by:
Ellen Marie Giblin, Counsel, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP
Karen L. Booth, Associate, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

Strategic Planning in Ethics & Compliance
December 18, 2014
David “Chip” Kazmerowski, Sr. Specialist, Compliance, Altria Client Services Inc.
Katie Smith, Chief Ethics Officer, USAA

FCPA and Your Program – The Way Forward
November 20, 2014
Thomas Fox, FCPA Consultant & Former General Counsel
Vinay Bapna, VP of Marketing, MetricStream

The Four Faces of Leadership of an Ethics & Compliance Professional
October 30, 2014
Maureen Mohlenkamp, Management Principal and Deputy Ethics Officer, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Betsy Besanceney, Senior Manager, Ethics, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Conflict Minerals Disclosure: Lessons Learned and Next Steps
August 12, 2014
Kathleen (Kassie) Bauman, Director, PwC

Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Culture
April 30, 2014
Kirk Hanson, Executive Director, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University

Investigative Privilege – What Now?
April 9, 2014
Adam Lurie & Jodi Avergun
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Conflicts of Interests Practices: A Member-Led Discussion
February 26, 2014
Madonna Dougherty, The Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory

The Science of Compliance
January 30, 2014
Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School
Opportunities and Risks of Social Media in the E&C Space
December 19, 2013

Jeremy Wilson, Controller, Ethics; Cisco Systems, Inc.

Best Practices and New Trends in Code of Conduct Development and Communication
November 14, 2013

Matt Pachman, VP, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, FTI Consulting
Erica Salmon Byrne, EVP of Compliance & Governance Solutions, Corpedia, an NYSE Euronext Company

Release of the 2013 COSO Framework and Your E&C Program
October 4, 2013

Sandra B. Richtermeyer, PhD, CMA, CPA; Professor and Chair – Department of Accountancy and Business Law, Xavier University

The “Perfect Storm” Spawns a New Era of Whistleblower Activity and Uncertain Challenges for E&C Professionals
July 29, 2013

Renee Phillips, Attorney, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Thad Guyer, Partner, T.M. Guyer and Ayers & Friends, PC

The Moral of the Story: Storytelling, an Important Tool in Communicating Ethics
June 27, 2013
Emmanuel Tchividjian, Senior Vice President & Ethics Officer, Ruder Finn

Managing Your Ethics and Compliance Investigations Strategy
May 30, 2013

Charles J. Giesting, Senior Consultant, Integrity Leadership Partners

Self-Auditing Your Ethics Program
April 17, 2013

Jamal Ahmed, Senior Director, Internal Audit, The Day & Zimmermann Group, Inc.

Millennials Dropping Out: Can Personal Values Trump Corporate Values?
February 26, 2013

Robert M. Burnside, Partner, Chief Learning Officer, Ketchum

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