Fall 2019 Regional Meeting

Date: 2019SepSun

September 2019 Regional Meeting

Date: 2019SepSun

June 2019 Regional Meeting

Date: 2019JunSat

March 2019 Regional Meeting

Date: 2019MarFri


Date: 2019JanTue

Beginning in January 2019 ECI’s E2C training will be delivered on-demand. 

The E2C courseware was created from a combination of industry best practices, the ECI principles of a high quality ethics and compliance program, feedback from regulatory agencies and ECI on-going research.  These courses will be available on-line and are mobile ready so you can watch them anywhere.

Approximately 5 hours of E&C training has been broken into 20 segments each approximately 15 minutes long.  These segments cover a broad range of topics and are designed to support five key takeaway skills.  These skills combine to support your ability to assess, define, share and lead a high-quality E&C program.

More course details and links to registration will be available in December 2018.

Questions?  Contact Tia Berry at tia@ethics.org.