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We took that knowledge, experience and practical advice from our member companies and looked for an efficient tool to evaluate and benchmark HQP.

We couldn’t find one, so we built one.

High-Quality Ethics and Compliance Program Assessment

We have changed the game when it comes to ethics & compliance program benchmarking, assessment and growth.

There has been lot of talk about what matters and what is a best practice.  In fact, you can find a number of different “standards” or “program guidelines” from a variety of sources.  Honestly, we read and listened to a lot of it.  However, we didn’t think that any of these “standards” met the needs of our members and the compliance community at large.

Therefore, in 2015 we convened an unbiased panel of experts to examine the needs and form a solution.  They returned the Blue Ribbon Panel report in 2016 that included ECI’s Five Principles of a High Quality E&C Program (HQP).  After the report’s release, we invited ethics and compliance practitioners and other members of the public to offer comments on a draft of the report, and their feedback was included in the final report.

In 2016, we also convened a working group of our members and other experts to explore how these Five Principles could be measured and assess.  They returned the HQP Measurement Framework giving organizations of all sizes a program maturity model to determine the progress of programs against an established standard of success.

Then we listened some more, talked with more experts — including fining authorities and court appointed monitors, and determined what really measures up in a High Quality Ethics & Compliance Program.

Anyone can say that they have a method to improve E&C program performance. We put ourselves to task to prove it.

Don’t think of the HQP Assessment as a simplistic report card of performance. We aren’t handing out awards for “Highest HQP Score.”

We developed this tool as a holistic approach toward continuous program improvement. We know that no two E&C programs are exactly alike and that your responsibility is to design, develop and maintain a program that makes sense for your organization.

The HQP Assessment is a combination of:

  • 5 primary measures: Principles
  • 27 Secondary measures: Business Objectives
  • 100+ Third-level measures: Supporting Practices

Your HQP Assessment is about knowing where you are in your program and determining what level of HQP works for you!


Be among some of the first organizations to benchmark their programs.   Join us at ECI’s annual conference IMPACT 2019.

Every attending organization receives a free HQP assessment, and during each of the eight benchmarking sessions, you will receive additional benchmarks and insights into the HQP Assessment.


We are forming new Working Groups to review the HQP Assessment statistics and the outcomes of our current assessment cycle.  If you are interested in being part of one of these working groups, contact Casey Williams directly at casey@ethics.org or complete this form.

Not a Member of ECI?  Want to be?  Go here to learn more or complete this form and one of our team will reach out to you to explore options and answer any questions.

Using the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, as just one example, you’ll note that establishing a culture of compliance is critical.  Why? Culture is one of the biggest determinants of how employees behave.

Our GBES research has proven that strong, resilient cultures have significantly lowered risk profiles and operationally perform better.  That is why in addition to our HQP Assessment, ECI offers different types of cultural assessments.  We look at the overall culture and we look at the culture as it relates to your E&C program.

That is also why organizations around the world, and many of the leading court appointed monitors, turn to ECI for cultural assessments.

Anyone can say that they have a method to improve E&C program performance. We put ourselves to task to prove it. Our research team has been grinding away for the past few years developing and publishing the research behind the HQP Assessment, like:

  • Conducting more than 300,000 workplace culture surveys, which have been harmonized to create the largest E&C cultural assessment database;

  • Developing and publishing our premier Global Business Ethics Survey;

  • Convening a working panel of E&C practitioners, compliance professionals, lawyers and Independent Monitors across industries; and

  • Publishing Critical Elements of an Effective Ethics & Compliance Program: Recommendations for the U.S. Department of Justice