We’ve changed the game when it comes to ethics & compliance program assessment, benchmarking and growth.

High-Quality Ethics and Compliance Program Assessment

There has been a lot of talk about what it means to have an “effective” E&C program.

We reviewed and listened to the existing studies and research on best practices, but we didn’t feel that the existing “standards” met the needs of our members and the E&C community at large.

So we set out to build a tool of our own, based on our long history of industry-leading research in to what builds and sustains High-Quality Programs (HQP).

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We aren’t handing out awards for “Highest HQP Score.”

Don’t think of the HQP Assessment as a simplistic report card of performance. 

We developed this tool as a holistic approach toward continuous program improvement. We know that no two E&C programs are exactly alike and that your responsibility is to design, develop and maintain a program that makes sense for your organization.

The HQP Assessment is a combination of:

  • 5 primary measures: Principles
  • 27 Secondary measures: Business Objectives
  • 100+ Third-level measures: Supporting Practices

Your HQP Assessment is about knowing where you are in your program, determining what level of HQP works for you and taking your first step on the journey to HQP.

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Your HQP Assessment shows you where you are, but our HQP Benchmarks show you where you could be!

Be among some of the first organizations to benchmark their programs.   Join us at ECI’s annual conference IMPACT 2019.

Every attendee receives a free HQP assessment, and during each benchmarking session, you will receive additional benchmarks and insights into the HQP Assessment.

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Anyone can say that they have a method to improve E&C program performance. We put ourselves to task to prove it.

Interested in joining hundreds of organizations who want to learn more about their E&C program's performance?

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HQP Working Groups

ECI Members we are forming new Working Groups to review the HQP Assessment statistics and the outcomes of our current assessment cycle.  If you are interested in being part of one of these working groups, contact Casey Williams directly at casey@ethics.org or complete this form.

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