Citizen’s Complaint Authority, Investigator (Unclassified)

/Citizen’s Complaint Authority, Investigator (Unclassified)
Organization: City of Cincinnati, Citizen's Complaint Authority
City: Ohio
State: OH
Country: United States

General Statement of Duties

Works independently as well as interacts with CCA Executive Director, CCAR Panel, citizens, Police Department, etc., to investigate citizen complaints alleging excessive force, the improper pointing of firearms at persons, unreasonable searches and seizures, and discrimination filed against employees of the Cincinnati Police Department; investigates shots fired or death in custody cases involving employees of the Cincinnati Police Department; generates comprehensive reports that present findings and recommends corrective action, if necessary; provides responsible staff assistance to the Executive Director of the Citizen Complaint Authority as well as serves as Executive Director in his/her absence.

Minimum Qualifications (KSAs)

(Illustrative only. Any one position may not require all of the listed KSAs nor do the listed examples include all the KSAs which may be required.)

Knowledge of:
Cincinnati Police Department and its rules, regulations, and procedures.
Investigative procedures and methods.
Interviewing skills.
City ordinances related to allegations of serious misconduct.
City jurisdictional issues.
Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.
Employment law, Constitutional law, and relevant case law.
Procedures for obtaining evidence.
Medical terminology relative to autopsies and medical examinations.
Basic ballistics terminology.
Resources for legal research; law reporting services.
Proper English grammar, usage, and spelling.

Skill to:
Write thorough analytical investigative reports; audit reports written by others.
Interview complainants, witnesses and investigatory targets for relevant information.
Conduct thorough investigations in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Access database to obtain statistical information.
Operate computer/word processing equipment, calculator, and other office equipment.
Operate assigned vehicle in performance of job duties; have access to personal vehicle to respond to emergencies.

Ability to:
Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Analyze complex, voluminous legal information relative to assigned investigations.
Understand and conform to requirements set forth in the Department of Justice Memorandum of Agreement and the Collaborative Agreement.
Find citations for case law as appropriate.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Examples of Work Performed:

(Illustrative only. Any one position within this classification may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all of the tasks which may be performed.)

Perform duties for the Citizen Complaint Authority, including reviewing and investigating complaints against employees of the Cincinnati Police Department as provided in the collaborative agreement.
Gather relevant documentation and evidence, including photographic evidence; interview complainants, investigatory targets, and witnesses; work in cooperation with other investigative and regulatory agencies as necessary.
Conduct legal research to determine the Constitutional, statutory and/or case law controlling the legality of the alleged conduct.
Prepare analytical reports on evidence supporting and/or disproving allegations; conclusions and needs are based on objective criteria free of individual bias or pressure from any group inside or outside City service.
Prepare typed responses to complainants regarding the course of action taken; as needed, supply information regarding other avenues for pursuit of complaints.
Must interact in a professional manner with multiple stakeholders who may have conflicting interests/values; creates an atmosphere of trust for all individuals involved.
Maintain confidentiality during the course of investigations.
Investigate incidents involving firing of gunshots by Cincinnati Police Officers, whether fatal or non-fatal; inspect areas of said shootings; gather names of witnesses and Police Officers involved; serve on call 24-hours a day for such situations.
Consult with subject matter experts when investigative needs require such consultation.
Audit Police Department internal investigative reports generated by CCA referrals.
Assist those contacted in the course of duty in an effective, efficient, and professional manner.
Perform related duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience


There will be no examination for this position. Applications that meet the Required Education and Experience qualification will be forwarded to the hiring department for consideration. Please review the “Required Education and Experience” section for additional information.

Each applicant must have prior professional experience in investigations and may be a former police or other law enforcement officer from outside the City of Cincinnati. The applicant cannot be a former or current member of the Cincinnati Police Department. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice or a related field is required;   a master’s degree is preferred. In addition, outside professional training in conducting investigations in law enforcement, analytical report writing, and data analysis is desired.

Must be fair and impartial.
Must maintain a high degree of trust, confidence, reliability, and integrity.
Must be willing to make independent decisions based on facts and not be influenced by outside pressures.
Must have, or be able to obtain a valid Driver’s License.


Military education and experience may be substituted for college level course work at the lower and upper division baccalaureate and graduate levels and apprenticeship training at the vocational certificate level on a case by case basis based on the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide recommendations.

Background Investigation: A criminal background investigation will be conducted for this position (according to Civil Service Commission Rule 15 – Sensitive Classifications/Positions and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act of 2001 and the Patriot Act). The purpose is to detect security risks and prevent security threats posed by potential employees.
U.S. Citizenship: All positions with the City of Cincinnati require that each applicant be a citizen of the United States or have a valid permanent resident card at the time of appointment (date of hire).

Working and Physical Conditions

Environmental Conditions: Indoor and outdoor environments; exposure to extremes in weather conditions; work around moving vehicles; exposure to computer screens; potential for high stress in emergency and confrontational situations.

Physical Conditions:  Duties require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting, standing and walking for prolonged periods of time; lifting and carrying moderate loads; general manual dexterity required; must be able to operate assigned vehicle.

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