What is an ECI Fellows Membership?

Founded in 1997, the ECI Fellows program is a forum for meaningful discussion related to emerging ethics issues, leading to key collaborative research to prepare for tomorrow’s ethical challenges. The ECI Fellows program brings together a select group of nearly 100 global thought-leaders, including the most experienced senior practitioners with mature programs in Fortune 500 corporations, government organizations, non-profit and educational institutions who share an expertise and interest in business and government ethics, both internally and in the public arena.

ECI Fellows lead the conversation about ethics and compliance through research, Fellows Meetings, forums and more – all with the specific purpose of leading the movement for responsible organizations worldwide.

ECI Fellows meet twice a year in January and July and participate in dynamic dialogues with their colleagues, industry and subject matter experts and other influential thought-leaders who serve as panelist for the Fellows meetings. The meetings result in research working groups and resources that are relevant and meaningful in enhancing ethics and compliance practitioner and program performance.

Sample of ECI Fellows Publications

  • “Design Thinking” A Path To Innovation in Ethics and Compliance
    It’s widely agreed that innovation is a good thing. Driven by creative thinking, innovation enables companies to give their customers new and better products – often at better prices.Historically, ECI Fellows have been on the cutting edge of innovation in ethics and compliance. We’ve led research efforts to discover the best metrics for assessing performance, helped establish benchmarks for gauging progress, and explored a range of strategies to enhance training, improve communications, encourage reporting, cut retaliation, and establish the most effective systems for enforcement and discipline. In that spirit, it is worth considering Design Thinking and whether this methodology can help us speed innovation in ethics and compliance.
  • Understanding Ethical Fading: Why Good People Go Astray White Paper
    History books and newspapers are filled with stories of individuals who make unethical choices that do an extraordinary amount of harm to others. But the vast majority of wrongdoing in workplaces isn’t committed by calculating sociopaths who choose whatever advances their desires, with no regard for the law, basic decency, and the safety of others. Most misconduct is committed by people who know right from wrong.Which raises the question: Why do “good” moral people sometimes stray and behave against their deep-rooted values?

All ECI Fellows receive…

  • Members-only access to exclusive ECI research
  • Members-only discounts on events and LPEC certifications
  • ECI online newsletter and other regular correspondence
  • Access to ECI Online Resource Library
  • Free posting on ECI online job board
  • Full access to member directory
  • Free registration to ECI webcasts Use of ECI’s self-assessment tool
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Exclusive Fellows meetings (twice annually)
  • Participation in Fellows-only benchmarking group (online community)
  • Access to industry groups (online community)
  • Invitation to Best Practice Forum
  • ECI data mapping or core survey (Leadership [free] and Senior [discount])
  • Opportunity to vote/run for ECI board (one vote per org)
  • TEN representatives from Fellows’ organization get access to all benefits (discounts on additional representatives)
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Who Are ECI Fellows?

ECI Fellows are senior E&C practitioners and their direct reports, including the chief ethics and compliance officers and general counsels with the responsibility for advancing their organizations’ ethical culture and leadership, affecting hundreds of thousands employees around the world. Complementing the corporate members are leading scholars specializing in research in organizational behavior, ethics and management, senior ethics officials from the Federal sector and related non-profit executives.

The ECI Fellows program is geared to experienced professionals charged with advancing sophisticated ethics and compliance programs in a global economy.

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We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about becoming an ECI Fellow. Our team will happily answer any questions and share ways you can “test drive” the experience.