Ethics Ambassadors expand the reach and effectiveness of your ethics & compliance program.

October 23, 2018


VIENNA, VA October 23, 2018

Ethics Ambassadors expand the reach and effectiveness of your ethics & compliance program.

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) today released a Best Practices Paper that provides a guide to implementing ethics ambassador programs in organizations, and includes information relating to their effectiveness. The report recommends a four-step plan to implementing effective ethics ambassador programs in all organizations, and is just one of several white papers developed by ECI Working Groups.

This report shows that in organizations with robust E&C programs, assigning ethics ambassadors, or ethics liaisons, proves to be an effective and cost-efficient way to enlist employees in the effort to communicate and support the E&C program.  The report defines an ethics ambassador as, “an employee designated as a single point of contact within an organization’s business units to assist with building and sustaining an ethical culture through communication, training and other ethics or compliance-related initiatives.”

Members of this working group participated in a series of conference calls, and shared their experiences in working in an organization where ethics ambassadors are part of their overall E&C strategy.

“We are proud of this collaborative effort of E&C professionals,” said Pat Harned, CEO of ECI, “their work makes a strong case for the effort to enlist ethics ambassadors in the E&C effort.  With the help of employees who are supportive and embedded throughout an organization, and E&C team can expand its risk identification efforts, receive feedback that otherwise might not reach the E&C department, and maintain the E&C conversation which is so critical to a sustaining a resilient ethical culture.”

To learn more about this report and ECI’s Working Groups visit our website.

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