FCPA Compliance Report – Episode 431, Pat Harned on ECI’s Impact 2019 Wrap Up

June 3, 2019

In this episode I visit with Pat Harned, CEO at the Ethics and Compliance Initiative. We discuss the ECI’s recently concluded annual conference, Impact 2019 and some of the highlights for both Pat and myself. The theme of the event was ECI’s High Quality Program (HQP) Framework Assessment. Some of the highlights from the podcast include:

  1. The key theme was the HQP Framework Assessment tool. How did the genius bar facilitate discussions around the tool?
  2. How the physical layout of the event facilitated the thorough discussions at Impact 2019.
  3. How ECI will use the momentum from this event going forward.
  4. Some of the working groups which have come out of this event and will working to enhance the HQP.
  5. What is next for the High-Quality Program and Framework Assessment?
  6. A preview of some of the upcoming ECI events people can look forward to in the summer and fall, 2019.

Thomas Fox, The Compliance Evangelist, https://www.fcpacompliancereport.com