DOJ Compliance Expert Brings Different Touch, Attorneys Say

July 30, 2016

Bloomberg BNA | Companies that find themselves under probe by the Justice Department's Fraud Section may discover that Hui Chen—the department's first-ever compliance counsel—is a different kind of regulator.

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative is Shining a Spotlight on Six Innovative Companies

June 16, 2016

ARLINGTON, VA - June 16, 2016- The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) has announced its 2016 Spotlight winners. These ECI member organizations have been selected to present dynamic and emerging ethics and compliance (E&C) best practices in the area of third party and supply chain relationships at the upcoming ECI Best Practice Forum, Embedding Ethics & Compliance in Third Party & Supply Chain Relationships, July 11-12, 2016 in Arlington, Va. The following organizations were selected as the 2016 […]

Workplace Ethics Challenges Vary In Intensity Among Major Economies, ECI Finds

June 9, 2016

ARLINGTON, Va., June 9 - Maintaining integrity in the workplace is a major challenge for organizations around the world, but the likelihood of misconduct and corruption is significantly higher in some countries than in others and multinational organizations face extra difficulty in policing the workplace, the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) says in a new report. A median of one in three workers (33 percent) in the 13 countries surveyed said they had observed misconduct in […]

The Most Ethical (And Unethical) Countries To Do Business In

June 9, 2016

Forbes | What do Japan, Spain and Germany have in common? And what do Russia, Brazil and India have in common? They’re at the top and bottom, respectively, of a new global survey.

People Do Really Bad Things At Work Because Their Companies Tell Them To

June 9, 2016

Fast Company | If you witnessed ethical misconduct at work last year, you're not alone. Across the world, large numbers of people report seeing workplace bribery, lying, cheating, and verbal abuse, a new poll finds.

New report: Promoting workplace integrity globally

June 9, 2016

Compliance Week | Ethics and compliance officers seeking more guidance on how to achieve and promote workplace integrity—doing what’s right in a professional context—now have a new, first-of-its-kind benchmark report at their fingertips, released today by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative.

What the Data Shows: A Global View of Workplace Integrity

June 9, 2016

Ethisphere | Often, new business challenges emerge when companies start taking advantage of growth opportunities in different markets. Whether it’s uncovering a new breed of corruption or third party oversight, companies are continuously faced with a myriad of risks. In countries such as Brazil, India, and Russia, for example, workplace integrity remains at an all-time low and employees are feeling pressured to compromise ethical standards at the cost of business, says a new report by […]

Have Global Compliance Problems? You're Not Alone

June 9, 2016 | Companies operating in Brazil, India and Russia face heightened ethics and compliance risks, according to a global survey of 13 countries. The 2016 Global Business Ethics Survey, released Thursday by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), revealed that more public- and private-sector workers in Brazil, India and Russia reported seeing misconduct and experiencing pressure to compromise standards than their counterparts in 10 other participating countries. Feeling pressure to compromise standards is considered a […]

Giving Boards Balance as Regulatory Demands Grow

May 20, 2016

New York Times | A germinal governance issue for many regulated companies is not whether their boards should be spending more time on compliance issues, but rather that they should be spending less time. It is an emotional reaction to the unceasing public policy, regulatory and media focus on corporate compliance — and the extent to which compliance matters are consuming the boards’ agendas, to the potential detriment of governance effectiveness.

6 Milestones That Continue To Shape Corporate Compliance

May 12, 2016

Law 360 | Compliance officers are vital corporate leaders in just about every organization of a certain size or industry, but just a few decades ago they — and the programs they lead — were virtually nonexistent. Here, experts discuss how compliance rose to prominence in corporate America and the recent developments that give us a preview of where it’s headed.

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