The New HQP Self-Assessment Tool

April 11, 2019

I recently had the chance to visit with David Childers, Senior Vice President at The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI). We discussed ECI’s High Quality Ethics & Compliance Program (HQP) Self-Assessment Tool. You can check out the full podcast here. We also discussed ECI’s great new resource, HQP, which is something that every compliance practitioner should take advantage of for their corporate compliance program.

ECI’s HQP is great way for every compliance professional to consider their corporate compliance program from a variety of approaches. HQP can help you to design, implement or assess a compliance program. Childers explained, “We spent a couple of years, really studying this to come down to five principles. The principles are related to strategy, risk management, culture speaking up and accountability. What I think most people would consider to be a pillar, a good ethics and compliance program.”

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