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In-House E2C Training

Train your team with E2C’s curriculum using our expert instructors.  The course takes a day and a half, with the option adding the LPEC certification for your team at the end of day two.

Tailored In-House Training 

Our expert training staff is prepared to modify the E2C course work to include your organization’s training modules.

Custom Compliance Team Training

Our train, research and consulting team will work with your management team or committee to create a curriculum specifically for your organization’s needs.

Compliance Liaison Training


When organizations extend their compliance department through the use of “business associates” or “compliance liaisons” there is a need for additional training.  Training not only on the “next level” of compliance understanding, but also how to communicate, document and respond to questions and observations in the field.

Board Training

We work closely with the E&C team to understand your risk profile, the make-up of your board and the purpose of your training.  Our team will structure an engaging training program that will meet your regulatory obligations, and return a solid-investment of your board’s time and energy.

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