Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to Promote Positive Ethical Outcomes

AI, ML, NLP, ANN… As an ethics and compliance professional, your day is busy enough without having to learn the latest new acronyms and

This new whitepaper, published by a Working Group of ECI members, explores the areas where ethics and compliance, big data and artificial intelligence overlap for better, or for worse. This paper takes a deep dive into implementing AI processes that can make your work more efficient and even more effective, while also ensuring that you account for any negative ethical outcomes that can occur.

This 30-page report also provides insight on:

  1. Processes and protocols for using the data you have and gathering new data;
  2. Ensuring your AI processes are built to be bias-free;
  3. Aligning business strategy, brand and reputation with AI;
  4. Knowing and mitigating risk factors in implementing new technology; and more.

Download the whitepaper below and don’t forget to join us on May 27 at 2:00 p.m. EDT for a webinar presenting the key concepts found in the whitepaper, as well as the ways in which experienced, working E&C practitioners have utilized AI in their organizations.

Download the report today.

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Presented by the AI Working Group leaders, this one-hour long webinar explores the principles covered in the paper, as well as practical use-cases from experienced, working practitioners.

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