Leading Professional in Ethics & Compliance (LPEC)

The Leading Professional in Ethics & Compliance (LPEC) certification, available through ECI, is the symbol of excellence, competency and credibility in the E&C industry around the world. The LPEC designation is evidence of proven knowledge of E&C program development and management, as well as a dedication to ethical business practices, leadership and ongoing professional development. Recognized at the international level, LPEC-certified professionals represent over 60 countries and range across all industries. This certification is a validation of knowledge and skills to current and future employers.

The LPEC program is governed by the Board of the Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute (ECCI), the certification arm of ECI.

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To qualify to sit for the LPEC certification exam, you must successfully complete either the Essentials in Ethics & Compliance (E2C) course or the Managing Ethics in Organizations (MEO) course. Once you have successfully completed E2C or MEO, you may register to take the LPEC certification exam.

  • Can be taken online in the convenience of your own office
  • 100 multiple-choice questions
  • Closed-book exam
  • Maximum of two hours to complete
  • Questions written by ethics and compliance professionals
  • Question format follows guidelines provided by a professional psychometrician
  • Questions evaluated using statistical item analysis to determine validity

  • Introduction to ethics and compliance
  • Risk assessment, program planning and evaluation
  • Laws, regulations and guidelines
  • Organizational culture and ethical-decision making
  • Governance and reporting structures
  • Codes of conduct and policies
  • Training and communications
  • Helplines, investigations and non-retaliation
  • Ethics and compliance research and trends

  • $50 fee to retake the exam
  • ECI recommends waiting one month to retake the exam to ensure ample preparation time

  • Know your recertification date - two years from the month of certification/recertification
  • Earn continuing education units (CEUs)
    • Minimum of 40 CEUs
      • Of those, minimum of 20 from live training
      • Of those, minimum of 10 related in business ethics/organizational culture
  • Submit evidence of CEUs earned
    • Content sessions count toward CEUs
  • Submit the recertification fee and form by the recertification date - $150 fee

Continuing Education

CEUs Earned

Qualifies as Live (require minimum of 20 CEUs)
Attend ECI events or outside in-person events related to E&C
1 per 50 min. (or 1.2 per 60 min.)
Participate in live ECI webinars or outside webinars related to E&C
1 per 50 min. (or 1.2 per 60 min.)
Present on an E&C topic at an ECI or other in-person event
3 per presentation
College or university courses
3 per course
E&C workshops, seminars and training programs
1 per 50 min. (or 1.2 per 60 min.)
Present on a E&C topic at an ECI community group
2 per presentation
Does Not Qualify as Live
Watch a pre-recorded webinar on an E&C topic
0.8 per 60 min. (or 1.2 per 90 min.)
Publish an article on an E&C topic in an organization’s publication
3 per article
Self study – Complete a self-study activity such as online training modules
2 per submission

Activities that do NOT Qualify for Credits

  • Opening general session at events
  • Event breaks (including lunch and networking)
  • Committee, board and council meetings (unless presenting)
  • Conference calls (unless presenting or attending a training) 

Qualifying Ethics and Compliance Topics

  • Business Ethics/Organizational Culture Topics (require a minimum of 10 CEUs)
    • Business ethics
    • Organizational culture 
    • Ethical decision-making, behavioral ethics
    • Corporate social responsibility
  • Other Qualifying Topics
    • Ethics/compliance governance and reporting to the board
    • Ethics/compliance organizational structure
    • Ethics/compliance risk assessment, risk management, and program planning
    • Ethics/compliance-related laws, regulations, and guidelines
    • Ethics/compliance policy development and management
    • Code of conduct and ethics/compliance communications
    • Ethics/compliance training and education
    • Ethics/compliance auditing, monitoring, and measuring program effectiveness
    • Helplines and other reporting methods, whistleblowing
    • Ethics/compliance investigations and discipline
    • Business skills for the ethics/compliance professional 

Acceptable Documentation of CEUs

Qualifying Event 
Acceptable Documentation
ECI events in-person Must sign into ECI events to qualify for credit
Non-ECI E&C events Proof of attendance, must be issued from host of the event
Participate in live ECI webcast No documentation needed
Non-ECI E&C webcasts A certificate, verification form or letter verifying attendance
Present on an E&C topic at an ECI event No documentation needed
E&C presentation at a non-ECI event Collateral listing you as presenter
College or university courses Transcript or grade report issued by college/university
E&C workshops, seminars and training programs A certificate, verification form or letter verifying attendance
Present at an ECI community group meeting No documentation needed
Publications Copy of cover page, a segment of the publication with date or letter from the publishing body
Pre-recorded webcast on an E&C topic and self-study activities including online training modules A certificate, verification for or letter verifying attendance

Content provided by the Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute (ECCI), the certification component of ECI.

Pursue Excellence with LPEC Certification

Qualified candidates can take the certification exam online from the convenience of their own desk or workstation.

To register for the LPEC online exam or learn how to qualify for it, email certification@ethics.org.