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Research, Collaborate, Take Action - ECI Working Groups

Join a group of your dedicated ethics & compliance peers to research and discuss the issues facing ethics & compliance teams and workplaces around the world.

Our working groups takes a focused approach to a single issue or topic that is important to the ethics & compliance industry and workplaces worldwide. You will work with other E&C professionals via online collaboration tools and conference calls to develop a report on the topic to be shared with the ECI community.

Your working group participation includes independent research, online collaboration and monthly conference calls in which you and fellow members will:

  • Study a problem or issue facing the ethics & compliance industry
  • Conduct original research and compile key data points
  • Develop a full, four-page report to be distributed to all ECI members

Published reports are provided free to ECI members and are an invaluable resource to CECO’s and other ethics professionals. You will have a hand in elevating the conversation and quality of research available to your industry peers who are seeking to improve the strength and success of their E&C programs.

Working Group participation is an included benefit to ECI Membership.

The call for participation for this round of working groups has closed. Contact if you have questions


Working Group
Racism, Discrimination & the Abuse of Power
ECI is creating a working group to take a critical look at the depths of these issues in our workplaces and in our industry. The working group will identify good work that is underway, and to partner with our organization to determine the next steps that we should take. We invite any interested person (member or not) to join us in this important endeavor.
What's next for training? With the massive shift to remote work, new advancements in technology to connect people virtually, and the evolving compliance risks that organizations face; many organizations are modifying their compliance training. This group will explore emerging needs in compliance training, and well as innovative practices that are underway.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting Corporate disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) information is not only growing as a trend; it is increasingly becoming an expectation of regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders. This group will consider best practice in ESG reporting and the role that E&C programs play in this critical process.
Third-party risk/Extended risk management Many companies have a growing ecosystem of third party partners, ranging from customers and affiliates to vendors, suppliers and service providers. This groups will explore leading issues around identifying, managing and mitigating risks that come from third party relationships.
E&C considerations in remote work environments This group will discuss the leading practices that are emerging as organizations manage remote work environments given the COVID-19 crisis.
Positioning E&C as a strategic leader during times of organization change/stress* This group will explore the ways that E&C can serve as a critical resource to their organizations during times of extreme organizational disruption and transition.
Best practices in E&C metrics and data visualization In the era of Big Data and information overload, this group will explore best practice in succinctly and effectively presenting and communicating E&C metrics and other data to key stakeholders.
E&C challenges for multinational organizations in E&C Multi-national organizations face unique risks and challenges, especially when it comes to the implementation of E&C in diverse and complex locations around the world. This group will explore the issues and accompanying best practices related to the development and management of a global E&C program.

Select Working Group Reports

ECI's Ethics Ambassador program

Ethics Ambassador Programs

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Ethics & Compliance White Paper - Performance Reviews Working Group

Performance Evaluation System to Drive Ethical Conduct

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Hotlines and Investigations Working Group White Paper

Hotlines and Investigations

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Respectful Workplace

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ECI Working Group Report: CECO's Guide to the HQP

Assessing E&C Program Maturity

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ECI Working Group Report: CECO's Guide to the HQP

Blue Ribbon Panel Report

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