Research. Collaborate. Create. ECI Working Groups

Join a group of your dedicated ethics & compliance peers to research and discuss the issues facing ethics & compliance teams and workplaces around the world.

Our working groups takes a focused approach to a single issue or topic that is important to the ethics & compliance industry and workplaces worldwide. You will work with other E&C professionals via online collaboration tools and conference calls to develop a report on the topic to be shared with the ECI community.

Your working group participation includes independent research, online collaboration and monthly conference calls in which you and fellow members will:

  • Study a problem or issue facing the ethics & compliance industry
  • Conduct original research and compile key data points
  • Develop a full, four-page report to be distributed to all ECI members

Published reports are provided free to ECI members and are an invaluable resource to CECO’s and other ethics professionals. You will have a hand in elevating the conversation and quality of research available to your industry peers who are seeking to improve the strength and success of their E&C programs.

Working Group participation is an included benefit to Organizational and Fellows level members of ECI. Individual members are subject to a participation fee.

Working GroupDescription
Anti-RetaliationThis group will discuss the leading practices that are reducing the incidence and impact of retaliation and what research and insights we leverage to take anti-retaliation measures to the next level.
Compliance Auditing and MonitoringContinuous improvement includes auditing the past and monitoring current activities to evaluate effectiveness throughout the E&C program. This working group will identify and share leading practices and tools to help you improve planning, execution, and evaluation in ethics and compliance.
Implications of Artificial Intelligence in E&CThis group will explore the emerging landscape of artificial intelligence and the opportunities and risks it represents for work in the ethics and compliance space.
Practical Applications of Technology in Ethics and ComplianceThis working group will consider how different companies are utilizing technology applications in connection to the advancement of their E&C program.
Preventing CorruptionIn this group, we will consider the current state of bribery and corruption from a global perspective, discuss future trends in this area, and explore emerging strategies and tactics to identify and deal with bribery and corruption risks.
Strategic Planning in E&CThis group will also consider the strategic impact of organizational disruption, particularly as related to the effects of mergers and acquisitions on compliance programs.
Unconscious Bias in E&CQuite a lot has been written about unconscious bias in human resources and customer service, but how does the concept apply to ethics & compliance? This working group will consider the current thinking related to unconscious bias, in order to apply those findings to E&C training, communications, investigations, data analytics and other activities.

Select Working Group Reports

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