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E&C Consulting

Critical insights for a strong ethics & compliance program

ECI provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s ethics & compliance efforts through program assessment, program design, culture assessments and ultimately, culture change. As you navigate the steps of program improvement, ECI’s consultants serve to advise you on the best path forward.

Program Assessment

ECI conducts program assessments to understand the strengths and gaps in existing ethics & compliance programs. We have developed the leading framework for measuring ethics & compliance program quality, and in conjunction with our culture assessments, our data have served as a baseline, and also a measurement of progress as organizations work to strengthen their ethics & compliance efforts.

Program Design

Our consultants advise companies on what is needed to improve the quality of their E&C program efforts and to align with the U.S. Department of Justice’s criteria for effective programs. ECI provides research-based resources and solutions to help organizations develop the elements to transform conduct in their organizations.

Culture Assessments

ECI’s culture assessments gather employee perspectives and insights on the strength of the organization’s culture and the drivers that will effect change. Findings serve as a starting point from which companies can measure their progress as they enact change efforts. Consultants guide organizations in action planning tied to your organization’s assessment findings.

Culture Change

Culture change takes time and managing culture change initiatives require a unique set of skills. ECI guides organizational leaders on company-wide core values development, and we advise the development of culture-focused training. We use evidence-based insights to help organizations strengthen their culture.


  • E&C program evaluation
  • Code of conduct development and reviews
  • Core values development and training
  • Culture change initiatives and action planning

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