The Link Between Supervisor Leadership and Workplace Behaviors – Global Business Ethics Survey 2019

This report is the final of four installments in our 2019 Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) series. For the last GBES® report of the decade, ECI expanded upon its existing research into organizational culture through several new lines of inquiry. This report reinforces the critical role that supervisors play in influencing employee behavior within organizations. When compared to employees who worked for supervisors with weak leadership skills, employees working for supervisors with strong leadership skills [...]

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IMPACT 2020 Early-bird registration is now open!

Early-bird registration for ECI's IMPACT 2020 is now open! This year's IMPACT 2020 Annual Conference will highlight forward-thinking practitioners and innovators that give organizations the tools they need to lead high-performing ethics and compliance programs. At IMPACT 2020, you will find an exciting and dynamic blend of inspirational keynotes, highly informative and practical breakout sessions, benchmarking discussions and peer networking opportunities for an ethics and compliance conference unlike any other. Presenting a special keynote talk [...]

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Remembering Stephen Potts

Our world has lost a remarkable man, The Honorable Stephen D. Potts. Steve was a public servant, an honorable statesman, and a kind-hearted soul. He was deeply committed to ethical conduct in organizations, which he embodied throughout his professional career. Among his achievements, he served as Associate Counsel to the President under George W Bush and as Director of the US Office of Government Ethics under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Steve was [...]

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Workplace Misconduct and Reporting: A Global Look

The reporting of observed misconduct and the rates at which retaliation occur are among the most fundamental indicators of the state of integrity in the workplace and the overall health of an organization’s culture. Organizations with strong ethics cultures empower their employees to report misconduct and make it clear that retaliation against reporters is never tolerated. In order to assess the state of ethics cultures around the world, the 2019 GBES examined six specific types [...]

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The Impact of Organizational Values and Ethical Leadership on Misconduct: A Global Look

Our latest Global Business Ethics Survey focuses on the effect that organizational values and ethical leadership have on an organization. We know that culture is a critical component in every organization. Employees in organizations with a strong ethics culture know what type of behavior is expected as well as what type of behavior is unacceptable. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations that wish to develop a strong organizational culture focus on reinforcing a wide array [...]

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Building Companies Where Values and Ethical Conduct Matter

Few would argue about the importance of communication and trust in the workplace; these are well-known ingredients for harmonious working relationships and a productive working environment. But less is known about the reasons that communication and trust are so essential – especially within the ethics & compliance (E&C) space. To remedy this, the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) asked several targeted questions in its most recent Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES™). ECI sought to learn [...]

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