Ethics, Compliance & Speaking Up - Winning & Losing the Culture War

When employees hear the words “ethics” or “compliance”, what do you think their reaction is? When you ask an employee if they have integrity, nearly everyone will say yes. But will they “Speak Up” when they come across bad behavior? Do they know ethics and compliance is on their side? Do they trust leadership and organizational justice? ECI’s Speak Up survey says that 69% of “Speak Up” training is annual, with most less frequent than

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Pressure in the Workplace: Risk Factors and Tips to Reduce Pressure

In today's organizations, employees can find themselves strapped with more responsibilities, expanding goals and tightening deadlines. When you add these factors up, it can often lead to an increase in pressure to compromise ethical and organizational values. How many of today's employees are experiencing pressure in the workplace? What effects can it have on organizations and employees' ability to do the right thing? Is there anything you can do to prevent the consequences of employees

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Together4Integrity: Perception Workshops and Promoting Trust with Hiltrud Werner, Tobias Heine and Dr. Katja Nagel

In part 2 of our 3-part interview series with the team behind Volkswagen AG's Together4Integrity program, Hiltrud Werner, Tobias Heine and Dr. Katja Nagel talk about Perception Workshops and how listening closely to their employees feedback is a driving force behind the success of T4I. Together4Integrity was built as a holistic, multi-function compliance program that can disseminate core compliance principles across a multi-national organization with business units ranging from corporate headquarters, to overseas manufacturing facilities.

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E&C Reporting and Whistleblowing Trends in Our Current Environment

This year, organizations are navigating unprecedented challenges with COVID-19 causing a disruption in where and how some employees work. Conversations about race, discrimination and social justice have come to the forefront of public discourse due in part to the killing of George Floyd earlier this year, which set off worldwide protests that continue to this day. How have these new challenges and conversations changed the workplace? Are employees in organizations reporting the same types

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