Services Offered by ECI

Our commitment is to giving you the insight, references, tools and expertise you need to grow and sustain an effective ethics & compliance program.

ECI provides:

  • A measurement framework to assess the quality of your E&C program
  • Survey data collection, analysis and reporting to assess the impact of your program efforts
  • Benchmarks to organizations of like size, industry, and structure
  • Recommendations based on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Third party verification of the quality of your program and the impact of your efforts

The valuable insight you receive about your organization can help you determine employee perceptions, the efficacy of your training and communications and the overall strength of your ethics culture.

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Why Choose Us?

ECI has conducted comprehensive cultural assessments on behalf of organizations for more than two decades.

Our employee benchmarks are unsurpassed in the industry, featuring one of the largest ethics culture databases in the world. Our benchmarks include ECI’s client database and the Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) which is comprised of data from employees across the globe.

Our insights and assessments are used by ethics officers and senior leaders as a base for their program growth and sustainability.  ECI’s High Quality Program (HQP) principles outline the program elements of a high-quality ethics & compliance program.  Our Program Assessment Tool integrates our HQP principles to provide insight and direction for organizations across the program maturity spectrum.

Our research and consulting team has quietly and confidentially served dozens of organizations recover from a catastrophic ethical breakdown.    ECI has served court appointed monitors to assist organizations around the world to mitigate, suspend or avoid government actions or penalties, and voluntary monitors working to improve an organization’s ethical culture.


Lawrence Wasnock

“When I want to know if our ethics program measures up and is keeping pace with the risk landscape and regulatory framework, I turn to the Ethics & Compliance Initiative. ECI is my trusted source for benchmark reporting and other professional resources”

Lawrence V. Wasnock, LPEC, CCEP, Vice President and Corporate Ethics Officer, L3 Technologies
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