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ECI's Community Resources

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Working Groups

ECI’s Working Groups are comprised of Fellows and Organizational members that work collaboratively on a variety of topics relevant to the ethics and compliance community.  Most groups consist of 15-25 members and engage academic partners that can bring research expertise in the topic.  At the conclusion of a Working Group’s project, ECI supports the group with additional resources to both publish and promote the group’s findings.

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ECI has developed a comprehensive mobile app.  Content for every conference and event is immediately available on the APP along with reminders for the the programs you want to attend.  The Daily Brief is always in your pocket with the ECI APP, so you can stay up to date on the news specifically curated for E&C professionals and all the research and more from ECI.

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Regional Meetings

Get ready for 2019's Regional Meetings.  These are no-cost meeting for ECI members and guests hosted by an ECI member in major cities around the country.  This is the perfect opportunity to connect with E&C professionals in your community and to learn more about the benefits of ECI membership.

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ECI's Predictive Analytics Lab

ECI's Predictive Analytics Lab

In 2017 ECI, with the support of some founding sponsors, gathered a core group of data mining experts and scholars to examine and adapt existing algorithms, semantic listening and pattern recognition protocols.

The ECI Analytics Lab or AL Project being undertaken consists of three phases:  1) research & development, 2) beta testing, and 3) expansion to the E&C community.

We are currently in Phase 2 and invite you to consider joining us in the quest for predictive analytics for ethics and compliance.