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Senior Fellows Membership

For advanced-level organizations led by thought-leaders in the E&C field who are on the forefront transformational change at their organizations and the greater the E&C community.  View Senior Fellows

Why become a Senior Fellow?

The Senior Fellows program is for E&C thought leaders who are not only advancing sophisticated ethics and compliance programs in a global economy and are seeking unique high-level engagement opportunities with other CECOs at leading organizations, academics and senior ethics officials from the Federal sector and related non-profit executives. Senior Fellows have access to all Fellows-level benefits in addition to those listed below.

Senior Fellows Profile

ECI Senior Fellows are senior E&C practitioners and their direct reports, including the chief ethics and compliance officers and general counsels with the responsibility for advancing their organizations’ ethical culture and leadership, affecting hundreds of thousands employees around the world.

Complementing the corporate members are leading scholars specializing in research in organizational behavior, ethics and management, senior ethics officials from the Federal sector and related non-profit executives.

Explore Your Membership Options

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Senior Fellows Members receive:

Leadership Opportunities

  • Exclusive in-person, peer-to-peer Networking Dinners
  • Senior Fellow-only meetings with academics and senior ethics officials from the Federal sector and related non-profit executives
  • Monthly Senior Fellows-only virtual meetings
  • Private Senior Fellows-only online forum for advanced networking
  • Three Seats at each of the biannual Fellows Meetings ($6,000 value)
  • Eligibility to Serve on ECI Boards

Staff Access

  • Unlimited staff access to fellows-level membership benefits

Professional Development and Training

High Quality Program Assessment Tools

Research and Information

Certification and Continuing Education

  • Member savings on ethics training for LPEC Certification
  • CLE, CPE and CEU credits on all applicable ECI programs

Advisory Services

Annual Membership Fee

Senior Fellows Membership

$25000 per year

  • Access to ECI's Research Documents

  • 🆕Private Forum for Advanced Networking

  • Join ECI's Working Groups

  • Talking the Walk Case Study Subscription

  • Watch ECI Live Webcasts

  • Limited Number of Complimentary Event Passes

  • 🆕Senior Fellows-only Meeting

  • 🆕Monthly Virtual Meetings

  • 🆕 In-person Networking Dinners

  • Participate in ECI's Online Community

  • Member's Only Discount on LPEC Certification

  • Participation in Two Fellows Meetings

Apply for Senior Fellows

How to Apply for Senior Fellows Membership or Attend a Fellows Meeting.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about ECI Senior Fellows membership. Our team will answer your questions, share ways you can try the ECI experience or review your membership upgrade options.


Contact ECI Member Services at ☏ 703-647-2185✉ or complete the form below to join or for assistance.