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CASE 10: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The season of giving can turn into the season of extra headaches quickly. Some companies make extra efforts to help employees navigate the quagmire of corporate gift giving; others say little if anything.

In this month’s Talk the Walk, one young employee learns that the forbidden fruit sometimes arrives on your desk in a pretty basket with a plaid bow. What will she do next?

Think it through. Talk it through. Get ready to Talk the Walk.

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What is “Talking the Walk”?

Organizational and Fellows Members of ECI, are provided a new case study as part of their membership. Each case study is designed to facilitate and help internal compliance teams discuss difficult topics and current risks.  The topics pertain to issues in ethics, compliance, leadership, managing up, working as a team and more!

Although almost every ethics and compliance program has its “own way”, ECI has developed some guiding principles that apply to every program. ECI’s case studies are stories designed to help highlight these principles and how to apply them.

These stories are realistic, complex, and filled with contextually rich situations that often involve a dilemma, conflict, or problem that one or more of the characters in the case must negotiate. Because of this complexity, ECI provides a Leader’s Guide specifically designed to help you engage your team and allow them to learn from the case study. Each Leader’s Guide includes questions for discussion and some related statistics from ECI research.

How you use case studies will depend on you, but we hope you will think of these as a regular opportunity for the professional development of your team.

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Sample Case: Who Cares?

I was honored when they asked me to take the lead on the integrity ambassadors initiative, Eva thinks to herself. Especially since it is going to be our “flagship initiative” as Jamal, our CECO and my boss’s boss, had referred to it when he gave Jamal the assignment.  I can’t believe how nervous and excited I was to hit “Send,” releasing my work into the world—or at least our full team—for their review. I hope they like it. I am afraid that it won’t. Instead of feedback, I am sure that this will fall in line with what always happens around here: nothing. Crickets. All that time, work, effort, and not a word from anyone. They clearly don’t care. Why do I? 

Past Case Studies


Yvonne’s mom is sick, and angry, and takes it out on her. Her E&C team includes old-school employees who “tell it like it is” and younger employees who expect more “consideration.” Something’s gonna give. When will Yvonne boil over? Who will get burned, and how?

Find out how in this month’s Talking the Walk case study.

Think it through. Talk it through. Get ready to Talk the Walk.

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Productive team meetings distill the insights and expertise of each member, allowing for stronger solutions and more in-depth problem solving.

But sometimes, they don’t.

When a team meeting toes the line between fair critique and unwarranted criticism, it is important that you know exactly how to respond.


If they gave frequent flyer miles for helpline calls, Rodney would have earned a trip to Tahiti.

Compliance department team member Dustin knows the type and takes Rodney’s calls in stride.

When Dustin gets a call from someone else with serious (and not conflicting) allegations about Rodney’s boss, he starts to see everything in a new light.


The holiday season provides a special opportunity for organizations to recognize the contributions of employees and to celebrate hard work and achievements together. But it also brings additional risks and potential headaches.

Kayla, one young employee, learns that overindulging at and after the holiday party can lead to much bigger problems than a bad hangover.


As a leader in your organization, no doubt you have watched the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movements and concluded that we are at a critical juncture in our society.  At the Ethics & Compliance Initiative, we agree. In our view, not only will the current dialogue about sexual misconduct affect the way we relate to each other as individuals; the movement will also have a profound impact on our workplaces.

As the dialogue continues, many of us are asking, “Where do we go from here?”  

The answer to this question is not only to focus on what people sometimes do wrong, but also to consider how we can help each other do right.  We need to begin a conversation about respect as a core value in our workplaces so that our employees have a shared understanding about how they should treat one another.  Respect as a standard also provides a common language to help individuals raise and resolve sensitive concerns.

At ECI we are offering you a FREE special edition case study on workplace sexual misconduct, entitled #RespectAtWork.  The case includes questions for discussion that invite employees to talk about their commitment to a respectful workplace.  A leader guide is also included, so that every manager can follow instructions and lead the dialogue.  It is our hope that you will take this case and distribute it among your employees, then take the time to discuss the scenario together.

We hope you will find this resource to be a helpful way to initiate an important shift in your organization.

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