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Elizabeth and Darcy, Sam and Diane, Harry and Sally, Pat and Jim. Countless books, television shows, and movies have revolved around the questions: Will they? Won’t they?

But, in today’s workplace environment, it’s also a matter of Should they? Shouldn’t they?

What decision will one up-and-coming young professional make? And how might it impact everyone around her?

It’s time to think it all through in this month’s Talk the Walk.

What is Talking the Walk?

At ECI, we know that you spend a great deal of time developing resources to help employees in your organization make good decisions when they face ethics & compliance challenges. In that same spirit, we want to provide you a resource to help you and your staff consider the challenges that YOU face as E&C professionals. Think of this as a regular opportunity for the professional development of your team.

Download Case Study 12: Will They, Won't They? Should They, Shouldn't They?