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Bad Day for a Bad Day

Yvonne’s mom is sick, and angry, and takes it out on her. Her E&C team includes old-school employees who “tell it like it is” and younger employees who expect more “consideration.” Something’s gonna give. When will Yvonne boil over? Who will get burned, and how?

Find out how in this month’s Talking the Walk case study.

Think it through. Talk it through. Get ready to Talk the Walk.

What is Talking the Walk?

At ECI, we know that you spend a great deal of time developing resources to help employees in your organization make good decisions when they face ethics & compliance challenges. In that same spirit, we want to provide you a resource to help you and your staff consider the challenges that YOU face as E&C professionals. Think of this as a regular opportunity for the professional development of your team.

Download Case Study 6: Bad Day for a Bad Day