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Organizational Membership

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ECI is a best practice community of organizations that are committed to creating and sustaining high quality ethics & compliance programs. ECI brings together ethics and compliance professionals and academics from all over the world to share benchmarks, techniques, research and, most of all, exciting new ideas.

Why join as an organizational member?

ECI assists organizations in building strong cultures and developing High Quality Ethics & Compliance Programs (HQPs) in line with the five pillars identified by an ECI Blue Ribbon Panel. Embracing these pillars as its own operational standard, ECI provides organizations with tools and benchmarking services that enable them to assess the relative strength of their culture and program, identify areas for attention and stay abreast of new developments and best practices.

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Organizational Profile

ECI organizational members are all levels of practitioners as a program group, external advisors, consultants or vendors that support organizational ethics and compliance programs and/or corporate governance practices or, any organization having a professional interest in these activities.

They represent a broad spectrum of organizations, from the largest global corporations; city, state, and federal government agencies; to medium- and small-sized businesses; colleges and universities; non-profit organizations; and organizations that provide resources and services to support a robust E&C program. Members’ organization headquarters are located in over 25 countries, and ECI member employees are located in more than 200 countries around the world.

Organizational Members receive:

Leadership Opportunities

  • Eligibility to Serve on ECI Board

Staff Access

  • Unlimited staff access to organizational-level membership benefits

Professional Development and Training

High Quality Program Assessment Tools

Research and Information

Certification and Continuing Education

  • Member savings on ethics training for LPEC Certification
  • CLE, CPE and CEU credits on all applicable ECI programs

Advisory Services

Annual Membership Fee

Organizational Membership

$5000 per year

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  • Access to ECI's Research Documents

  • Join ECI's Working Groups

  • Talking the Walk Case Study Subscription

  • Watch ECI Live Webcasts

  • Limited Number of Complimentary Event Passes

  • Complimentary Pass to BPF Livestream

  • Participate in ECI's Online Community

  • Member's Only Discount on LPEC Certification

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