Together4Integrity: Perception Workshops and Promoting Trust with Hiltrud Werner, Tobias Heine and Dr. Katja Nagel

In part 2 of our 3-part interview series with the team behind Volkswagen AG's Together4Integrity program, Hiltrud Werner, Tobias Heine and Dr. Katja Nagel talk about Perception Workshops and how listening closely to their employees feedback is a driving force behind the success of T4I. Together4Integrity was built as a holistic, multi-function compliance program that can disseminate core compliance principles across a multi-national organization with business units ranging from corporate headquarters, to overseas manufacturing facilities.

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E&C Reporting and Whistleblowing Trends in Our Current Environment

This year, organizations are navigating unprecedented challenges with COVID-19 causing a disruption in where and how some employees work. Conversations about race, discrimination and social justice have come to the forefront of public discourse due in part to the killing of George Floyd earlier this year, which set off worldwide protests that continue to this day. How have these new challenges and conversations changed the workplace? Are employees in organizations reporting the same types

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Together4Integrity: Overcoming Crisis with Hiltrud Werner, Tobias Heine and Dr. Katja Nagel

Earlier this year, Hiltrud Werner, Board of Management, Integrity & Legal Affairs for Volkswagen AG, gave an insightful keynote presentation at ECI's IMPACT Virtual Ethics and Compliance Conference. Werner's presentation delivered a detailed look at Volkswagen AG's Together4Integrity (T4I) program, a strategic undertaking that strives to ensure ethics and compliance is top of mind across all business sectors and to position the organization as a role model for integrity. Volkswagen AG is staunchly transparent and

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Conduct an Employee Survey Now

Hearing from your employees is always important, and now is no different. In fact, with many employees working remotely or differently, it is more important than ever to check-in with your employees and assesses their experiences with the changing workplace. Below are the top 5 reasons why it is essential to conduct an employee survey now, even during the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the workplace changes it has thrust upon organizations.1. You don’t know

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Did That Just Happen

What was unimaginable a year ago has occurred: a group of employees actually took to the streets in 10 cities around the country, protesting that their company has not done enough to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Leadership, they said, should provide stronger policies, more training for managers, a more effective way to report incidents, and a committee dedicated to addressing sexual harassment issues. The story took me aback...employees protesting because they actually want

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