ECI Fellows Program

Begun in 1997, the ERC Fellows Program has brought together chief ethics and compliance officers and general counsels from major corporations in a uniquely collaborative format who share an expertise and interest in advancing business and government ethics both internally and in the public arena. With the emergence of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative, ERC Fellows are now recognized as ECI Fellows.

ECI Fellows are a select group of global thought-leaders, including the most experienced senior practitioners at organizations with mature programs, leading academics, and government officials. The ECI Fellows is a forum for meaningful and practical discussion related to emerging issues, big ideas and strategies for practitioners and programs, alike. They lead the conversation about ethics and compliance through research, Best Practice and Industry Groups, Fellows Meetings, forums and the exclusive CECO Summit – all with the specific purpose of leading the movement for responsible organizations worldwide.

ECI Fellows are Thought-Leaders for the Initiative

ERC Fellows MeetingECI is the only organization in the ethics and compliance industry that engages practitioners and partners in a best practice community grounded in research, the ECI generates new ideas and benchmarks through the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the Ethics & Compliance Association (ECA) and, the Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute (ECCI).

With nearly 100 of the world’s leading corporate, government, academic and nonprofit organizations recognized as ECI Fellows and representing one of the biggest cohorts of ethics and compliance practitioners that totals in the tens of thousands; plus the over 1,300 members of the Ethics & Compliance Association and the growing number of ECI Partners, no other organization serving the ethics and compliance industry comes close to having as many thought-leaders and voices identifying emerging needs through research; amplifying those needs through best practice, training and networking; and, certifying the practices that result in the highest level of integrity in organizations.

Fellows Profile

ECI Fellows represent a wide spectrum of roles in their organizations including serving as the chief ethics and compliance officers and general counsels with the responsibility for advancing their organizations’ ethical culture and leadership, affecting hundreds of thousands employees around the world. Complementing the Fellows are scholars specializing in research in organizational behavior, ethics and management, senior ethics officials from the Federal sector and related nonprofit executives. The ECI Fellows program is geared to experienced professionals charged with advancing sophisticated ethics and compliance programs in a global economy.

The Initiative Behind Research, Reports and Results

ECI Fellows gain access to valuable insights, resources and information that helps them help their organization’s practitioners and program.  ECI Fellows meet twice a year in January and July and participate in dynamic dialogues with their colleagues, industry and subject matter experts and other influential thought-leaders who serve as panelist for the Fellows meetings.  The result?  

Research and published reports that are relevant and meaningful in enhancing ethics and compliance practitioner and program performance; innovative engagements that result in a higher level of professional development; identification, assessment and impact of emerging trends facing E&C practitioners; and, the development of program innovation through dialogue and relationships established with peers and industry experts.

Stanley C. Pace Leadership in Ethics Award

The ECI Fellows annually bestow the Stanley C. Pace Leadership in Ethics Award to honor an organization, individual or group of individuals displaying excellence in the ethics field. The award recognizes the recipient's accomplishments and contributions in ethical business management.

ECI Fellows Contact Information

For more information about the ECI Fellows Program, please contact Moira McGinty Klos, ECI Fellows Program Director, or at 571-480-4401.