Corporations have historically organized their ethics and compliance (E&C) programs around a priority to align with legal and regulatory expectations. Yet increasingly, organizations are going above and beyond historic regulatory risk mitigation and are employing program refinements based on ECI’s 5 Principles of High-Quality Ethics & Compliance Programs (HQPs).

With more and more organizations committing to higher quality programs, it begs the question: Does it make a difference when a company dedicates more resources and heightens the priority of their E&C efforts?

In other words:

  • Does E&C program quality matter?
  • Is there a measurable ROI?
  • How is the investment’s impact felt?

To find an answer, we asked employees about the presence of an E&C program in their workplace.  We also inquired about the quality of that program, if it existed.  We then examined the impact and value of E&C in organizations with programs at varying degrees along the HQP implementation continuum.

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