Our latest Global Business Ethics Survey focuses on the effect that organizational values and ethical leadership have on an organization. We know that culture is a critical component in every organization. Employees in organizations with a strong ethics culture know what type of behavior is expected as well as what type of behavior is unacceptable. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations that wish to develop a strong organizational culture focus on reinforcing a wide array of ethics-related program elements.

Is your organization sharing its values?

By establishing a set of shared values and demonstrating those values to employees, organizations encourage good decision-making among employees and ensure that those values play a critical role in the decision-making process.

What happens when organizations don’t share their values? Here’s what senior managers around the globe say:


Approximately 200 senior managers were surveyed from each of the 10 countries examined for this report. This population was sought because senior-level leaders are most likely to be aware of the presence of resources and activities that are indicative of E&C programs. Employees with these qualifications were asked a series of questions that assessed their organization’s E&C program maturity level. The questions were derived from ECI’s HQP Assessment.

This the second of four reports to be released in 2019.

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