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The Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer's Guide to High-Quality Programs

Using the High-Quality Program Assessment Framework to Assess Program Maturity

What is the CECO Guide?

The Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer's Guide to the High-Quality Program Assessment Tool provides important context and relevant information into how organizations' ethics & compliance departments can best utilize the High-Quality Program (HQP) Framework and Assessment Tool to assess, improve and sustain high-performing ethics & compliance programs, based on the research of leading E&C practitioners, academics, Deputy Attorneys General (DAGs) and more.

What is the HQP Framework and Assessment Tool?

The HQP Framework and the companion HQP Assessment Tool developed by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) provide a tested and inexpensive means for robust planning of an effective E&C program. More information on the HQP Framework can be found here.

This guide gives you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to begin the process of assessing and improving your E&C program.

Information found in this white-paper serves as the groundwork for you to begin:

  • Planning the implementation of self-assessments in your program;
  • Determining how to analyze the results;
  • Developing an action plan based on assessment outcomes; and more.

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