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This FAQs section contains answers to E2C's frequently asked questions. Click on a question to find your answers.

How long is the LPEC exam and how long does it take to complete??

The LPEC examination is 80 multiple choice questions and you have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

The exam is electronically proctored and you can take it anytime 24/7/365.

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What software do I need?

None.   The courses are all web-based and can be taken from any device that has a browser and is connected to the Internet.

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How long do I have to complete the E2C course?

We allow you 30 days to complete the course.  Once you have completed the course you are eligible to take the LPEC exam.  You have 12 months from the time you complete E2C to take the LPEC exam.

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How many times can I view a session?

There is no limit to the number of times that you can view a video or the course ware.

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How long will each course take?

The courses are designed to be completed in approximately 15 minutes.  There is an introductory video to each course, course information that you read and interact at your own pace, and each session has a closing video to recap and reinforce the learning.

The course are supplemented by a course guide that contains links to articles, podcasts, videos and other pertinent information.

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I cannot hear the sound. What do I do?

Your device will control the sound and volume.  If you are seeing the video and cannot hear the sound it is due to a setting on your computer, phone or tablet.  Check the sound input to ensure it is receiving audio from the browser, adjusting the volume if necessary.

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Do I need the Moodle APP to use my phone to watch the courses?

No, the course is optimized for use on any device, but the APP eliminates any incompatibilities in settings that could affect the delivery of the course.    The APP is a free download and can be easily removed after you have completed E2C.

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What type of computer will I need to take the course?

The E2C course is delivered via a web browser, so any computer, phone or tablet that can access the internet is acceptable.

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