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Tuesday 02 February – Wednesday 04 February 2021


For the 18th year, the European Business Ethics Forum (EBEF) will bring together those who are responsible for the ethics, compliance or business conduct programmes within their organisations. Participants share with their peers practical information and experiences relating to current best practices and explore together some of the problems that are raised in doing business ethically around the globe.

The meeting follows from the last Forum held in London in February 2020. It is an invaluable opportunity to network with a broad peer group of corporate managers working in this field around the world. Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Forum will be held virtually.

Attendance is for those within organisations with over 100 employees and is strictly limited to those responsible for ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility within their organisations.

Discussions take place under the Chatham House Rule. The Forum is intended as a place to network and meet others; while it is appropriate to make professional contacts and to respond to requests for information from others, it is not appropriate to solicit business or support.

Please note that the programme for EBEF 2021 will follow in due course. This year we will be hosting EBEF online and therefore, the programme will be slightly different than usual.

The majority of presentations at the Forum are delivered by experienced ethics and compliance practitioners. Breakout sessions on a range of topics are held each day, which take the form of a facilitated discussion. Forum participants are free to choose which session they would like to attend.

Tuesday | 02 February

8:00 AM EST / 13:00 GMT
Meet and Greet
The Forum will commence with an informal get together. This is an opportunity to meet the organisers and other delegates in an informal setting.

8:30 AM EST / 13:30 GMT
Welcome and Introduction
Our Forum hosts ECI will welcome participants to our first virtual EBEF.

9:00 AM EST / 14:00 GMT
P1: Plenary Session

10:00 AM EST / 15:00 GMT/ 15:00 CET

10:05 AM EST / 15:05 GMT
S1 Facilitated Sessions
S2 Facilitated Sessions

11:05 AM EST / 16:05 GMT

11:15 AM EST / 16:15 GMT
S3 Facilitated Sessions
S4 Facilitated Sessions

12:15 PM EST / 17:15 GMT

12:20 PM EST / 17:20 GMT
Sessions wrap up

12:50 PM EST / 17:50 GMT
Virtual Reception / Networking

Wednesday | 03 February

8:00 AM EST / 13:00 GMT
Meet & Greet

8:30 AM EST / 13:30 GMT
Welcome & Housekeeping

8:45 AM EST / 13:45 GMT
S5 Facilitated Sessions
S6 Facilitated Sessions

9:45 AM EST / 14:45 GMT

9:50 AM EST / 14:50 GMT
S7 Facilitated Sessions
S8 Facilitated Sessions

10:50 AM EST / 15:50 GMT

11:00 AM EST / 16:00 GMT
P2: Plenary Session

12:00 PM EST / 17:00 GMT

12:05 PM EST / 17:05 GMT
Speed Sharing

1:05 PM EST / 18:05 GMT
Sessions Wrap Up

Thursday | 04 February

8:00 AM EST / 13:00 GMT
Meet & Greet

8:30 AM EST / 13:30 GMT
Welcome & Housekeeping

8:45 AM EST / 13:45 GMT
P3: Plenary Session

9:45 AM EST / 14:45 GMT

9:50 AM EST / 14:50 GMT
S9 Facilitated Sessions
S10 Facilitated Sessions

10:50 AM EST / 15:50 GMT

11:00 AM EST / 16:00 GMT
S11 Facilitated Sessions
S12 Facilitated Sessions

12:00 PM EST / 17:00 GMT

12:05 PM EST / 17:05 GMT
Sessions wrap up

12:35 PM EST / 17:35 GMT
Closing Address

2020 Breakout Summary

The sessions below are from EBEF 2020 and will be updated in due course with the sessions for 2021.

  • Maintaining an ethical corporate culture throughout a global company
  • Doing effective ethical due diligence on suppliers
  • In handling claims of harassment, how can fairness be seen to be maintained?
  • Harnessing the digitalisation: how a “big” decentralized international company kick-started its portfolio of E&C tools
  • Applying values and ethics in the public and international humanitarian sector
  • Psychological & physical safety: What are the core values of an organisation that can induce an open and safer future and staff well-being?
  • Beyond GDPR: lessons learned from the implementation of privacy and data collection policies.
  • What are effective ways to train new recruits (anywhere in the world) about corporate ethical standards
  • Maintaining values in performance management: coping with competitive pressures
  • Identifying your corporate approach to human rights
  • How can ethics officers use data analytics to draw more rigorous compliance insights
  • What are other ways, besides looking at ‘speaking up’ data, of assessing the effectiveness of our ethics programmes
  • Chief Ethics Officer (and function) independence in difficult times
  • Getting senior management to commit to ethics programmes in all corporate locations
  • ‘Speak Up/Listen Up’: how to maximise staff engagement in creating an open culture.
  • What are the conditions that really help to make ethics ambassadors effective?

EBEF 2021 will be held online via Zoom.

We recommend that you download the latest version of the Zoom client to ensure you are able to view the content as best intended.

The Zoom Help Center provides a wide range of videos, support, resources and tips to help maximize your Zoom experience.

Cercle d’Éthique des Affaires (CEA) of Franc

Tel: +33 (0)951 17 31 47
Fax: +33 (1) 40 25 03 88



Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) of the United States

Tel: +1-703-647-2185 (Va.); +1-781-647-9333 (Mass.)
Fax: +1-703-647-2180 (Va.); +1-781-647-9399 (Mass.)



Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) of the United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7798 6040
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7798 6044

**Registration for this event has closed.**

Registration Criteria: Attendance is open only to those responsible for ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility within organisations with over 100 employees.

Early Bird: until 18 DEC Regular: from 19 DEC
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
£460 £540 £540 £620
€500 €590 €590 €680
$595 $695 $695 $795

Rates include admittance to all plenary and breakout sessions, all conference materials, on-demand content (Plenaries) and networking opportunities.

Registration Process: please note that all registrations will be processed by the IBE.

Cancellation Policy:

• Present – 08 January 2021
Delegates are entitled to a full refund
• 09 January 2021 – 22 January 2021
Delegates may request for credit for the 2022 Forum. No refunds or partial refunds are available – any outstanding balances are required within the invoice terms set.
We do anticipate that the 2022 Forum will be a face-to-face event and therefore, rates will be higher; any difference will be invoiced upon 2022 EBEF registration opening.
• 23 January 2021 – 29 January 2021
Delegates may transfer their place to a colleague only.
• 30 January 2021 – 02 February 2021
No further changes; non-attendance will mean the fee is forfeited.

• All change requests must be submitted in writing to
• Non-payment or non-attendance does not constitute cancellation and registration payment will still be required.

Please note that IBE payment terms are 30 days. Payment must be received within the set terms or before the start of the event, whichever comes first.

We look forward to you joining our online Forum, and we hope you stay safe and well. Please note that when attending our Forum, your Health & Safety is your responsibility.

Disclaimer:  Your contact information will not be distributed any further than the organising bodies; CEA, ECI and IBE. When attending this forum your name, job title and company name will be included in the programme booklet unless requested otherwise. This is used for the purposes of networking as part of the event – this is NOT for marketing uses.

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