HQP Assessment is based on 5 principles, 27 business objectives and more than 100 supporting practices. It is important to go in to your HQP Assessment, as well as the changes you will make the improve your program, with a long-term plan that builds HQP in to your organization in a way that works for you.

Make a determination on how to engage with the HQP Assessment.

Will you sign on as a member of ECI or become a member to sign in?

Will you come to the IMPACT conference in Dallas?

Do you feel uncertain about your program and don’t really want to share?  Spend $350 and decide.

Regardless of how you engage with the HQP Assessment you need to sign up and give us some limited details.  We will follow-up with an email that contains your credentials and a secure login to the HQP Assessment.


While you are waiting for your credential to arrive or before you take the assessment, start by reviewing the HQP Principles and embedding the why in your E&C team and leaders. Between our Blue Ribbon Panel Report and our Operational Objectives of a High-Quality Program, you’ll see the proven benefits to the HQP standard and how it can help your organization.

TIP:  Once you get your credentials you can login and download the question-set and take the time to think about your responses before you start the online survey process.   


Who will be involved in helping you with the assessment? Will you be engaging other people to help you with the choices, or going it alone?  With the initial HQP self-assessment there is only one “participant” per survey.  So if you are asking for help, ensure every person involved understands the general principles of HQP.

NOTE:  With ECI’s administered assessment you can have unlimited participants and break down the results by department, business unit or geography. 


Take the survey. Each survey participant will receive a unique set of credentials to ensure privacy. The self-assessment survey includes 108 questions and takes about 90 minutes to complete.

You can start, stop, skip, come back and even review to change responses.  We want you to get this right.  It isn’t a test, it is an assessment of how well you think your E&C program is performing.


You can review your progress at anytime during survey by viewing your graphical assessment.  Your response data is immediately available to print or download.

TIP:   Attendees of IMPACT 2019 will received a series of benchmarks, comparisons and statistics related the the HQP during the conference.

Note:  In the ECI Administered HQP it is possible to review your results based on the individual or department findings and drill down to the component level.  You can also overlay and compare each measurement to general benchmarks across, findings of others in your industry and more.  If you want, the entire set of responses can be fully anonymous.  


Which operational objectives are top priority? Are there areas that your team determines as being “higher risk” that need attention? Is one department in your organization an outlier in any area?

All good questions.  That is why ECI is anonymizing the data, and  benchmarking every HQP Assessment.  You can’t comprehend without a point of comparison.

NOTE:  ECI can filter the data so that your results can be compared with an appropriate composite of peer organizations.  You can also compare to larger organizations to get a sense for what area may need E&C investment as your organization grows.


What are the next steps? Work with your E&C team to develop a focused plan toward HQP. ECI is full of resources to assist you in plan and program development, including recurring webinars, regional in-person meetings and online community Benchmarking Groups.