2018 Global Business Ethics Survey™

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Released four times per year, GBES is the world’s most comprehensive, cross-cultural survey of workplace behavior. Now in its 11th iteration, GBES keeps your finger on the pulse of the ethics and cultural climate across the globe.

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The fourth report of a four-part series in 2018.Interpersonal Misconduct in the Workplace What It Is, How It Occurs and What You Should Do About It

The third report of a four-part series in 2018.

Building Companies where Values and Ethical Conduct Matter

The second report of a four-part series in 2018:

Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs

The first report of a four-part series in 2018:

The State of Ethics & Compliance in the Workplace

Never before have employees revealed so much about the impact of an E&C program, and the positive return for E&C program investment.

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DECEMBER 2018 REPORT: Interpersonal Misconduct in the
Workplace: What It Is, How It Occurs and What You Should Do About It

A decade ago, companies made headlines for problems such as bribery, financial manipulation, and fraud. The attention has shifted, though. For the past year, mistreatment of employees, especially abusive behavior, sexual harassment and discrimination, has joined data privacy as a critical issue of our time. #MeToo and #TimesUp have given a name to the larger effort to unearth problems that have festered and to find a path towards safer more respectful workplaces. Efforts to expose the issues have uncovered repetitive patterns of interpersonal misconduct in organizations around the world.

“Certain organizations may be reluctant to address interpersonal misconduct because it is seen as “messy” and of less importance than issues of integrity such as fraud or corruption. This is inappropriate and a mistake: how a company respects individuals and addresses these types of issues often has a major impact on the overall ethical climate. Sincerity and courage are key.”

-Emmanuel Lulin, SVP & Chief Ethics Officer, L’Oréal

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