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Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs

Never before have employees revealed so much about the impact of an E&C program, and the positive return for E&C program investment.

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Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs

With more and more organizations committing to higher quality programs, it begs the question: does it make a difference when a company dedicates more resources and heightens the priority of their E&C efforts?

To find an answer, we asked employees about the presence of an E&C program in their workplace. We also inquired about the quality of that program, if it existed. We then examined the impact and value of E&C in organizations with programs at varying degrees along the HQP implementation continuum.


The data show that improving the quality of certain factors of an E&C program, at any stage of the program implementation process, has a positive impact to the organization.

“Across business, leaders have the responsiblity to develop and support high quality ethics programs to help reduce risk and drive organizational success.”

-Ellen Martin, Vice President, Ethics and Business Conduct, The Boeing Company

“We appreciate ECI’s continued effort to understand and report on the international state of ethics and compliance. The survey is always informative as we continue to enhance our E&C programme.”

-Rahul Saxena, Group Ethics & Compliance Officer, BP

“When I want to know if our ethics program measures up and is keeping pace with the risk landscape and regulatory framework, I turn to the Ethics & Compliance Initiative. ECI is my trusted source for benchmark reporting and other professional resources”

– Lawrence V. Wasnock, LPEC, CCEP, Vice President and Corporate Ethics Officer, L3 Technologies

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