ECI's Analytics Lab

ECI’s Analytics Lab project or “AL” for short differs from many of the analytic models for E&C that are currently being deployed. Why?

Most of the existing models are based on transactional “big data” algorithms used for credit card transactions, repetitive manufacturing data, or rote or highly structured operational data. These models rely on thousands, if not millions, of data points to spot anomalies or divergent trends.

In contrast, the issues and events that plague ethics and compliance professionals (eg. identifying quarter-end sales opportunities at risk of FCPA violations, discovering revenue leakage through equipment sold on the grey market, realizing financial pressure from underwater mortgages and unrealistic sales goals causing misconduct) require a different model. Identification of these issues does not come from analysis of incident data – it comes from a clear understanding of trending cultural norms and resilience.

Using risk probability models developed by NSA, DARPA and Homeland Security, ECI created a transformative predictive analytic model for the compliance industry that surfaces the potential for fraud by monitoring and analyzing culture stress.

Why now? 

Advances in technology (processing speeds, memory, data security, visualization tools, etc.) allow ECI to cost-efficiently leverage analysis and visualization tools.  The body of scholarly work evaluating the impact of cultural stresses on human behavior is substantial and freely available for ECI’s purposes.   Finally, with the support of pilot partners Google, Lockheed Martin, Dell, CA Technologies, FTI, and Convercent, ECI assembled the necessary industry expertise to proof, refine and test the model.

Partnership Opportunities

Since inception, ECI has researched and reported on the positive effects an ethical foundation can have on an organization.  A culture grounded in good ethical behavior creates long lasting rewards for a company, including the ability to attract and retain highly talented individuals.   The AL Project began in the fall of 2016 with one goal in mind – create a way to help organizations operationalize ethics and compliance to create and maintain a positive ethical culture.

ECI is seeking financial support from organizations, and in-kind support of the technical infrastructure and administration needed to foster a new level of thinking and analytical approach to the governance, risk and compliance industry.   Additionally, as a non-profit organization, ECI is not prepared or motivated to equip a go-to-market structure for commercializing the solution or any of its derivatives.

Support of the Analytics Lab offers a significant brand value to our funders, specifically by:

  • Publicly demonstrating your commitment to the promotion of integrity and the reduction of non-compliance in business; and
  • Showcasing your interest in the positive benefits of this next wave of analytics.

We are also interested in partnering with in-kind donors to the collaborative effort of the AL Project, through the donation of data and analytics.  In so doing, you will be afforded:

 Access to emerging metrics and KPIs for use in GRC;

  • First right of refusal for follow-on development and research support;
  • Opportunity to address a world-wide audience of ethics and compliance professionals with complimentary banner ads and showcased forum articles and interviews; and
  • Metrics resulting from the primary research accomplished by the AL Project to enhance your own product offerings[1].

For more information or to become a AL Partner, contact Holli Redekop at

[1] For profit endeavors may include a royalty fee component.