chart listing ECI membership benefits


    • Members-only access to exclusive ECI research
    • Members-only discounts on events and LPEC certifications
    • ECI online newsletter and other regular correspondence
    • Access to ECI Online Resource Library
    • Free posting on ECI online job board
    • Full access to member directory
  • Free registration to ECI webcasts


  • Use of ECI’s self-assessment tool
  • Use of ECI Short SurveyTM
  • Participation in Benchmarking Groups
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Opportunity to vote/run for ECI board (one vote per org)
  • Full member benefits for FIVE company representatives (discounts on additional representatives)

ECI FELLOWS also receive…

  • Exclusive Fellows meetings (twice annually)
  • Participation in Fellows-only benchmarking group (online community)
  • Full access to member directory
  • Access to industry groups (online community)
  • Invitation to Best Practice Forum
  • Passes to ECI events ( certain terms apply)
  • Promotion on ECI website
  • Specialized training session and/or consultation hours
  • Opportunity to vote/run for ECI board (one vote per org)
  • Up to 20 company representatives from Fellows’ organization get access to all benefits (depending on level)

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

  1. The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) is the only organization with the resources to present new ideas grounded in research; connect those ideas with an engaged member community; and provide the rigor in education and certification to create excellence in E&C programs.
  2. The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) has over 45 years of experience in the E&C Industry. Our members are able to draw upon the collective experience, and the rich library of resources, that are the result of our history.
  3. ECI provides the most reliable and highly regarded research in the industry. Members can access our insights and data through more than 2,000 documents including our National Global Ethics Survey (NBES) and Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES).
  4. ECI provides high quality programs to help you establish and sustain a high quality E&C program. We host six conference events each year, designed to provide new insights to different levels of professionals in your E&C program.
  5. Our work is centered around five core principles that yield high quality E&C programs: Making E&C central to business strategy; Identifying, owning, managing and mitigating risk; Empowering leaders to build and sustain a culture of integrity; Encouraging and protecting the reporting of concerns; and Taking action and maintaining accountability when wrongdoing occurs.
  6. We provide the most reliable benchmarks on E&C program impact. ECI has collected responses from more than 2.5 million employees around the world and has the most robust longitudinal benchmark and the deepest dataset available (especially for U.S.-based companies).
  7. Our diverse global membership represents a cross-section of all industries and organizational types including large multinationals, government agencies, NGOs, and SMEs. We offer benchmarking groups to help you connect with your peers.
  8. Our membership structure allows for unrivaled collegiality and peer-to-peer support—including member-only Community Groups based on industry, interest, and region—offering a safe, confidential community free from unsolicited outside pressures.
  9. We facilitate sharing of E&C program management tools and resources both in-person and online. We host world-class events (some only for E&C officers); cutting-edge, live professional development opportunities; and uniquely in-depth certifications.
  10. Our global reputation positions us to provide members with unparalleled access to public- and private-sector leaders, including multilateral organizations and a worldwide network of members, alliance partnerships, and other professional relationships.