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The Importance of Organizational Values and Ethical Leadership within the Workplace

Culture is a critical component of every organization. When a strong ethics culture is present across an organization, employees know not only what type of behavior is expected but also what is unacceptable. Organizations working towards developing a strong organizational culture need to focus on reinforcing a wide array of ethics-related program elements.

Central among these elements is the integration of shared values throughout the organization. In order to encourage their employees to make good decisions, leaders are looked upon to establish a set of shared organizational values and demonstrate to employees that those values play a critical role in their everyday on-the-job decision-making. Organizations that do not embed shared values in day-to-day operations tend to lack the foundation necessary for developing a strong ethics culture.

Another key element of a strong culture is the presence of ethical leadership. Specifically, supervisors must hold themselves accountable and support their employees in following their organization’s ethics standards. Organizations that lack ethical leadership will not develop an organizational culture grounded in ethical decision-making.

This report is the second of four GBES reports to be released in 2019.

ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) is the premier, longitudinal study on workplace behavior around the world.

Our research team conducts surveys in 18 countries to find out:

  • The latest trends and cultural shifts affecting the workplace.
  • The effect of workplace behavior on the employer/employee relationship.
  • How organizations are affected by social movements like #MeToo and much more.

This in-depth report is a thorough look at the behaviors effecting workplaces large and small in industries from financial, oil and gas, retail, service industries and more.

GBES keeps your finger on the pulse of the ethics & compliance and cultural climate worldwide. Find out how global trends could affect your organization.

ECI is trusted by ethics officers and practitioners representing some of the largest companies in the world. Since 1922, E&C professionals have leaned on ECI to provide the research, in-depth reporting and tools they need to improve their ethics & compliance programs to the highest-quality standard.

Here’s what they have to say:

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“Across business, leaders have the responsibility to develop and support high quality ethics programs to help reduce risk and drive organizational success.”
Ellen Martin. VP of Ethics and Business Conduct, The Boeing Company
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“We appreciate ECI’s continued effort to understand and report on the international state of ethics and compliance. The survey is always informative as we continue to enhance our E&C programme.”
Rahul Saxena, Group Ethics & Compliance Officer, BP
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“When I want to know if our ethics program measures up and is keeping pace with the risk landscape and regulatory framework, I turn to the Ethics & Compliance Initiative. ECI is my trusted source for benchmark reporting and other professional resources”
Lawrence V. Wasnock, LPEC, CCEP, Vice President and Corporate Ethics Officer, L3 Technologies

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