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This past year marked our 91st year of operation as a center, and it was a landmark year for us in terms of our impact. View ERC's Highlights of 2013 and show your commitment to ethics and integrity.

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A collection of useful ethics tools has been assembled for your use

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NBES of the U.S. Workforce reveals substantial good news about the state of ethics in American workplaces  Download today.

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Ethics Resource Center
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NBES Latest News

Ethical Leadership Research Report

Employee Views of Leaders’ Personal Conduct Drives Perceptions of their Ethical Leadership.

In every human endeavor, including ethics, leadership can make the difference between success and failure.  As part of its NBES®, ERC set out to learn what’s required for successful ethical leadership and what leaders can do to set an ethical tone at the top and inspire employees to do the right thing. Download report.

NBES of the U.S. Workforce

The eighth National Business Ethics Survey (NBES) reveals that workplace misconduct is at an historic low, having steadily and significantly declined since 2007.

The report shows that 41 percent of over 6,400 workers surveyed said they have observed misconduct on the job, down from 55 percent in 2007. In addition, the report found that fewer employees felt pressure to compromise their standards, down to nine percent from 13 percent in 2011. Download report.

NBES of the Construction Industry
Gauging Industry Practices & Identifying Ethics Challenges

U.S. Construction Industry employees are more at risk for facing workplace ethics issues, but they are also more willing to blow the whistle on misconduct than employees in other industries. Download report.

Support the 2015 NBES

ERC's National Business Ethics Survey is made possible by contributions from businesses, foundations and individuals. You can help us continue this important research by contributing to the NBES project. Please support us by making a donation.  Donate Today!

Blowing The Whistle On Workplace Misconduct

The whistleblower provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act raise a host of new questions for business leaders. Download the FREE report.

View ERC's comment letter to the SEC regarding the Dodd-Frank Act whistleblower protections.


From the President's Blog...

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Hearing: Oversight of the False Claims Act

ERC Tells Congress That Strong Ethics Programs Would Bolster False Claims Act
"When a strong program and culture are in place, misconduct decreases by more than half," Harned said in testimony to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice. She said ERC research also shows that employees feel much less pressure to compromise standards in companies with strong compliance and ethics programs.
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ERC Fellows

Next ERC Fellows Meeting: January 13 - 15, 2015

The Fellows Program brings together senior ethics professionals from the worlds of business, government, nonprofits and academia to share insights and advance the cause of ethical leadership.

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Latest ERC Fellows Research

“Retaliation in the Workplace: Why it Matters and What Companies Can Do About It,”

Building a Corporate Reputation of Integrity:
A Discussion Guide for Executives about Communications and Ethics

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