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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Our IMPACT 2020 Virtual Conference delivered three days of powerful keynotes and benchmarking sessions as well as critical continuing education credits at the industry’s premier annual ethics and compliance conference this past April.

With the COVID-19 crisis transcending the way the world does business, IMPACT 2020 delivered content and insights from smartest strategists and leading thinkers in the field. A quick recap of some of the content covered:

The Neuroleadership Institute's Dr. David Rock delivered a compelling presentation on how ‘neuroleadership’ is changing the process of leadership development globally. Effective leadership isn’t just doing the right thing -- it’s about how to motivate your employees to become more engaged, reduce stress and increase their ability to think.

The Hollywood Commission for Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality Chair Anita Hill talked about how building strong ethical cultures and responding to serious issues in the workplace is transforming the culture of Hollywood. ECI was proud to work with The Hollywood Commission on the first-ever industry-wide survey of workers in the entertainment industry. Change starts with understanding.

Former Deputy Attorney General and ECI Board Member Sally Yates spoke in depth about enforcement practices, E&C programs and the current environment of business during this unusual moment of the COVID crisis.

In a field where we manage crises, it’s helpful to hear from leaders who have successfully navigated their own. Jan Schwartz, President, Princess Cruises and Carnival Australia shared insights on core values, lessons learned and how to navigate your company through a challenge. VW’s Hiltrud Werner joined the conference to talk about how Volkswagen Group implemented ECI’s principles in their worldwide activities and worked to not only transform their culture, but how they measure integrity.

Now, you can register and watch ALL of these great sessions and see all of the content you missed if you didn't attend the live conference by clicking here.

Measuring integrity is a lot easier for organizations today because of ECI’s new interactive tool, the HQP Measurement

Framework. HQP gives C-suite and compliance officers a systematic way to demonstrate the success of their programs, define areas that may need improvement and provide evidence of continued program advancement. It is the best tool helping organizations evaluate and assess their compliance programs for growth and effectiveness.

In addition to the keynotes, IMPACT2020 presented more than a dozen action-oriented benchmarking sessions and breakout groups for virtual networking. In a live chat feed, attendees were “blown away by the content,” “loved networking” and said the conference was, “an incredible investment in growing my career.” The insights and learnings have all been captured and are available for practitioners interested in continuing their education and honing their skills. Visit for more information.

By: Brad Fulton