Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs
June Case 6
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The board’s role in promoting an ethical culture
July 1, 2018, Journal of Accountancy | Board members generally recognize their responsibility to oversee ethics and compliance, said Pat Harned, CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative, a U.S. think tank. What they struggle with, she said, "[is] to know what questions to ask and what information to look for. I don't think directors are particularly well-versed in recognizing red flags."

Global Workplace Survey: E&C Programs, At Any Level, Create Significant ROI and Improved Culture
June 28, 2018 | The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), the oldest ethics research and best practice community in the US, today released the second installment of the 2018 Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES). The report's findings focus on the impact that an ethics and compliance (E&C) program has in the workplace, and the return on investment (ROI) for program development and improvement.

Why Hollywood Needs to Lead the Way in Showing How to Create a Safer Workplace
June 21, 2018, Variety Magazine | Ladies and gentlemen in media and entertainment, now is your time. You’ve been through a lot lately, but the eyes of the world are on you. On behalf of your fans, I implore you to make the most of it.

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GBES 2018
Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs
Global Workplace Survey: Ethics & Compliance Programs, At Any Level, Create Significant ROI and Improved Culture

The report finds that when organizations adopt ethics and compliance principles, even to a minimum standard, employees were 132% more likely to report misconduct and 270% more likely to be satisfied with the organizations' response compared to an organization with no program.


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