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What the Solar Eclipse Tells Us About Compliance
August 14, 2017  |  ECI members in the northern hemisphere have probably already heard about the solar eclipse that is expected to take place on August 21,2017. While most people think of it as a fun thing to see, at ECI we think there's a bit of a parallel to the work we do every day. How?

Training on ethics is important, but how can you make sure it has an impact?
Associations Now, August 14, 2017  |  Training on ethics is important, but how can you make sure it has an impact? Step one, according to one study: Get the exec in the room.

What One Company Learned from Forcing Employees to Use Their Vacation Time
Harvard Business Review, August 11, 2017  |  Have you ever felt burned out at work after a vacation? I’m not talking about being exhausted from fighting with your family at Walt Disney World all week.

CEOs Must Support Their Compliance Officers
Corporate Compliance Insights, August 4, 2017  |  The relationship between compliance officers and the company’s top leadership is a hot one these days, and there are specific ways CEOs can be more effectively supporting compliance practitioners.

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Megan Burke Roudebush

September 26th is National Compliance Officer Day. For the next few weeks, ECI will be highlighting a number of our members in celebration of their contribution to our industry.

Please meet Megan Burke Roudebush, Chief Compliance Officer of Crescent Grove Advisors. Megan has 13 years of financial services experience, has a JD and an MBA by background and this is her first Chief Compliance Officer role. Megan how did you get into E&C?

Megan Roudebush: As a paralegal in the Investment Management Group at a large law firm in New York City, before law school, I fell in love with the securities markets ... 

View conversation with Megan Roudebush.

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